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Power Technology

Ultra-high Precision Measurement Technology

In NSRRC, the specification of current ripple and stability of AC/DC power supply need to be under millionth level; whereas, general industry requirements are only one thousandth levels. We have various ultra-high precision instruments to fulfill the measurement requirements from industry.

Ripple Measurement

We have high precision dynamic spectrum analyzer, 7.5 digitals DVM and DCCT for ripple measurement.

Stability Testing

Coupled with Labview software, we can precisely read and record electrical data for following analysis and experiment.

Power Factor Measurement

Through the power analyzer, we can detect the AC input power factor, voltage and current waveform to monitor the status of the system power distribution.

Design of High-Precision Power Supply

Our high-precision power supply can provide a stable DC output current together with accuracy measurement of power output. The controller of high-precision power supply contains 24 bits ADC/20 bits DAC, which can provide high-resolution control and measurement. The ripple and stability of output current is within 10ppm.