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Accelerator Technology

Accelerator technology is the key for advanced synchrotron radiation source and the x-ray free-electron laser. In addition to scientific applications, accelerator systems have many industrial and medical applications such as material processing, food preservation, non-destructive testing and cancer radiation therapy etc.. (more information..)

Electron gun technology

The quality of synchrotron light source highly depends on the quality of the electron source. From the development and construction of the synchrotron facility, we accumulated valuable experiences and knowledge that allow us to provide services of system design and technical supports.

Pulse Power Technology

With the use of pulse forming network (PFN) or resonant circuits, one can generate high voltage (up to few hundred kV) or high current (up to few kA). These pulse power systems are used in our accelerator for instant beam deflection and for generation of high power microwaves. Industrial applications of pulse power technology includes material treatment, metal forming and generation of industrial plasmas etc..