Industry / Technologies

Nano/Micro Fabrication

Synchrotron radiated X-rays, including EUV (~100eV) and soft X-ray (1~2 KeV), are used in NSRRC to pattern/fabricate nano/micro structure for semiconductor, MEMS or NEMS applications.

X-ray Fabrication

X-ray Fabrication (or “LIGA” technique) is a nano/micro fabrication technology including lithography, electroforming and micro molding. High intensity and highly collimated SR X-rays is used to provide high resolution and high aspect ratio lithographic capability. LIGA technique has been widely used fabricating micro optics, micro mechanic and microwave applications. (more information!)

EUV Lithography

EUV Lithography (6.7~13.5 nm) is one of the main streams for the next generation lithography (NGL) semiconductor technology with a resolution down to 22nm and beyond. A national EUVL project for nano technology is carried out at NSRRC (2008.8~2013.7). Using the SR EUV light source, several end stations for researches of resist out gassing, radiation damage, nkt measurement and Interferometry lithography, has been established to meet the requirements from the industry.