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Microscopy Analysis

The characteristics and purposes of synchrotron-based microscopies, such as transmission X-ray microscopy (TXM), scanning photoelectron microscopy (SPEM) and photoelectron emission microscopy (PEEM), are described as follows:

Transmission X-ray microscopy

Transmission X-ray microscopy is proved to be an efficient instrument in medical diagnostic and interior three dimensional structure of nano-material owing to its large penetration depth and superior spatial resolution. The TXM at beamline BL01B(1,2) of the Taiwan Light Source (TLS) provides two-dimensional imaging and three-dimensional tomography at energy 8-11 keV with a spatial resolution of 50-60 nm, and with the Zernike-phase contrast capability for imaging light materials such as biological specimen. TXM allows aqueous specimen due to no vacuum requirement.

Scanning photoelectron microscopy

Scanning photoelectron microscopy is a microscope which utilizes photoelectron spectroscopy to form the microscopical images and equipped with an undulator light source, a zone plate optic system, a nano-positioning sample stage, and a hemispherical electron analyzer with multichannel plate. By raster-scanning the sample with respect to the focused photon beam and synchronized collecting the photoelectrons emitted from the illuminated micro-spot, a two dimensional distribution of photoelectron intensity can be constructed. It provides a spatial resolution of about 0.15 μm and an energy resolution of better than 0.25 eV.

Photoelectron emission microscopy

Photoelectron emission microscopy is based on the imaging principle similar to optical microscopy. When a beam of synchrotron X rays is focused on a sample, the material emits electrons whose energy and trajectory convey a great deal of information. PEEMs collect and focus these electrons with a system of magnetic and electrostatic lenses. The resulting image provides the information of surface chemical reactions and magnetic structures of the sample.

Methods Analysis Representative beamline
Transmission X-ray microscope 3D micro District Images BL01B1
Photoelectron emission microscopy The micro magnetic domain image BL05B1
Spin-polarized electron microscope The micro magnetic domain image BL09A1