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Introduction of Soft Matter Science Group

Research in the soft matter science group is focused on the study of hierarchical structures, structural kinetics, self-assembly behavior, and phase transformations of biomacromolecules and polymers in solution and films. We apply synchrotron tools including X-ray scattering, diffraction, imaging, absorption, and photoelectron spectroscopies, together with electron microscopies, optical spectroscopies, physical property analysis, and molecular simulations in our work. Particularly, we are in charge of TLS 23A SWAXS endstation and TPS 13A BioSWAN endstation. The analytical instruments such as HPLC/AF4/UV-Vis/RI/DLS/MALS integrated system, stop flow mixer system incorporated with CD/fluorescence/absorption measurements, and time-resolved Raman/fluorescence/laser scanning confocal microscope in the general bio-lab (T260) are also developed and maintained by our team. Other instruments like rheometer, dielectric constant meter, tensile stress testing instrument, and thickness meter are jointly put in use on site for related soft matter studies.

Current projects focus on
Solution structures and structural kinetics of proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, carbohydrates, water molecules and their higher order complexes.
Self-assembly and hierarchical structures of polymers, liquid crystals, and small molecules. Also their correlations to device functions and material physical properties.
Formation mechanism of crystalline texture and nano structures of polymer, perovskite solar cells, and super capacitors.
Optimization of the structure-property correlations of industrial-based polymer systems.
Structural features of sol-gel materials and their viscoelastic properties.
Hierarchical structures and their correlations to biological functions of biological systems and biomimetic materials.
English NameJob Responsibilities
Chun-Jen Su#
Wei-Tsung Chuang
Kuei-Fen Liao
Wei-Ru Wu
Orion Shih
Yi-Qi Yeh
U-Ser Jeng
  • TLS 23A SWAXS beamline - Spokesperson
  • TPS 13A B  Biological SAXS beamlne - Spokesperson
# Group Leader
* Fixed-term Employee