About NSRRC / History and Milestones

1981 Dec. Synchrotron Radiation Feasibility Study initiated by National Science Council (NSC)
1983 Jul. Board of Directors for Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (SRRC) organized; SRRC Project approved by the government
Oct. Planning and Construction Division formed.
1984 Aug. User Training Division established.
1986 Mar. Planning and Construction Division and User Training Division merged into SRRC Preparatory and Construction Office
1993 April First electron beam stored in the storage ring of Taiwan Light Source (TLS)
Oct. TLS Inauguration Ceremony
1994 April TLS facility open to users
1997 Aug SRRC to be operated as a foundation and funded by NSC, as a result of the 35th Meeting of SRRC Board of Directors
1998 Dec. Contract signed for constructing two Taiwan beamlines at SPring-8
2000 Dec. Inauguration Ceremony of Taiwan beamlines at SPring-8
2002 Jun. The regulations of forming National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC) officially announced and implemented
2003 Jan. SRRC Preparatory and Construction Office restructured to NSRRC Preparatory and Construction Office
May NSRRC officially established
2004 Jul. Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) Project approved by the 3rd Board of Trustees (BOT)
2007 Mar. TPS Project approved by the Executive Yuan with a total budget of NT$6,885M from 2007 to 2013
Jun. TPS Project and its budget approved by Legislative Yuan
2009 Dec. The Signing Ceremony for the Civil and Utility Constructions of TPS.
2010 Feb. The Ground-breaking Ceremony for the Civil Construction of TPS.
2011 Jan. Construction of TPS phase-I beamlines begins
2013 Jan. NSRRC officially takes over the Taiwan-Australia Neutron Project.
Apr. Civil constructions of TPS completed.
Dec. Utility constructions of TPS completed.
2014 Aug. Booster ring and storage ring accelerators installed
Dec. The first TPS light at the 3-GeV design beam energy delivered.
2015 Jan. Taiwan Photon Source Inauguration Ceremony.
Jun. SIKA operating license granted.
Dec. TPS exceeds its design beam current 500 mA
2016 Sep. TPS Opening Ceremony.
Four TPS phase-I beamlines available to users worldwide.
2017 May. Flagship Project initiated – construction of 5 TPS phase-II beamlines begins
Dec. Construction of TPS phase-I beamlines completed
The phases I and II of the "Rooftop Photovoltaic System Project" completed.
2018 Jan. Industrial Liaison Office established
2019 Feb. TPS licensed to operate at 500 mA beam current in top-up mode.
May. Taiwan-Germany TPS 45A Submicron Soft X-ray Spectroscopy Beamline opened
2020 Sep. The completion of phase III of the “Rooftop Photovoltaic System Project” brings the project's total capacity to 1190 kWp and annual electricity production to 1.5 million kWh.
2021 Jan. “NSRRC Outstanding Paper Award” established and launched.
Construction of TPS phase-III beamlines begins
Mar. Industry Application Division established
Aug. “The Journey of Pursuing Light: stories about the development of synchrotron light sources in Taiwan” published
Oct. TPS achieves user operations at its design beam current 500 mA.
2023 Oct. Celebration of the NSRRC's 30th Anniversary of First Light