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Linac System

The function of NSRRC Linear accelerator (LINAC)­ is to generate electrons by a hot cathode gun and accelerate them through one or three linear accelerating sections to 50 MeV for TLS and to 150 MeV for TPS, respectively. The main subsystems include electron gun, buncher, accelerating sections, vacuum system, and focusing and steering magnets.



The NSRRC pulsed power supply system (pulse-PS) provides various types of pulse-PS units with specifications (or equivalent) listed as follow:

Categorizing by their capability of delivered peak current, pulse shape base-width, they are:

  1. IGBT kicker PS: 500 A, flat-top, 1 µs;
  2. Half-sine kicker PS: 5 kA, half-sine, 5 µs;
  3. Septum PS: 10 kA, full-sine, 600 µs;

Specifications and typical output examples:

1. PFN kicker PS:


2. Half-sine kicker PS:


3. Septum PS:


* The pulsed power supply system for TPS project, iPAC2013-MOPWA045.

English NameJob Responsibilities
Chyi-Shyan Fann
  • High voltage pulse power magnetic system
  • Maintenance of booster and storage ring power supplies
Kuang-Lung Tsai
  • Electron linac system
  • TPS linac
Ho-Ping Chang
  • Experimental accelerator physics
  • TLS storage ring beam orbit correction
  • TLS troubleshooting of accelerator operation
  • TPS LTB transfer line design and operation
Ching-Lung Chen
  • Maintenance and upgrade for TPS Linac system
  • Maintenance and upgrade for TPS and TLS high voltage pulse power system
Wai-Keung Lau
  • TLS linac system
  • High brightness injector development
Wei-Yuan Chiang#
Hsin-Pai Hsueh
An-ping Lee
  • Photocathode gun development for HBI project
Ming-Chang Chou
  • Maintenance of the femtosecond laser system
# Group Leader
* Fixed-term Employee