High brilliant X-rays Source

Use of in-vacuum undulators with low phase errors can improve undulator radiation,a more intense coherent photon flux in the hard X-ray region can be obtained.

Items Unit Values
Magnet structure Hybrid
Magnet material NdFeB (NMX-S38EH)
Remanence ( Br ) T 1.20
Coercivity ( Hcj ) kA/m >2500
Pole material Vanadium Permendur
Period mm 22
Min. magnetic gap ,Gmag mm 7
Min. vacuum gap , Gvac mm 6.6
Effective magnetic field T 0.76
Deflection parameter 1.56
Number of periods 140
Magnetic force kN 13.6
Total device length m 3.57
Number of devices 5 ( 1 錐形磁場)

Standard undulator for TPS Phase-I X-ray beamlines