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X-ray Absorption Group

Name: 詹丁山( Ting-Shan Chan )
EXT.: 7111
E-mail: chan.ts@nsrrc.org.tw
  • PhD, Department of Physical, National Taiwan University (2003)
  • MS, Department of Chemistry, National Chung Hsing University(1999)
  • BS, Department of Chemistry, National Chinese Culture University(1997)
  • Research Scientist, NSRRC (2022-)
  • Associate Research Scientist, NSRRC (2016-2021)
  • Assistant Scientist, NSRRC (2008-2015)
  • Post.doc, Department of Physical, National Taiwan University (2007-2008)
  • Post.doc, Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University (2003~2007)
  • Spokesperson of TLS 01C1 & 16A1 beamline and endstation
  • Beamline construction project of TPS 38A
Research Interests:
  • X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
  • Energy and Environmental Sciences
Selected Publications:
  • Y.-J. Tu*, T. S. Chan*, H.-W. Tu, S.-L. Wang, C.-F. You, and C.-K. Chang,     Rapid and Efficient Removal/Recovery of Molybdenum onto ZnFe2O4 Nanoparticles, Chemosphere  148, 452 (2016) 
  • S.-F. Hung, C.-W. Tung, T. S. Chan*, and H. M. Chen*, In Situ Morphological Transformation and Investigation of Electrocatalytic Properties of Cobalt Oxide Nanostructures Toward Oxygen Evolution, CrystEngComm 18, 6008 (2016) 
  • C. W. Tung, Y. Chuang, H. C. Chen, T. S. Chan*, J. Y. Li, and H. M Chen*, Tunable Electrodeposition of Ni Electrocatalysts onto Si Microwires Array for Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation, Part. Part. Syst. Charact.  35, 1700321 (2018) 
  • T. Luo, L. Ye, T. S. Chan*, and C. Jing*, Mobilization of arsenic on nano-TiO2 in soil columns with sulfate reducing bacteria, Environ. Pollut. 234, 762 (2018). 
  • J. Cui, J. Du, H. Tian, T. S.Chan*, and C. Jing*, Rethinking Anaerobic As(III) Oxidation in Filters: Effect of Indigenous Nitrate Respirers, Chemosphere  196, 223 (2018) 
  • M. Zhu, Y. Tian, J. Chen, M. Fei, L. He, L. Chen*, F. Peng, Q. Zhang, and T. S. Chan*, Controllable Site Occupation of Eu in Intricate Superstructure of Perovskite Sr3Al2O6: Eu, Dy, Li to Produce Red Luminescence, Funct. Mater. Lett.  11, 1850012 (2018) 
  • H. C. Chen, T. L. Chen, S. C. Lin, C. S. Hsu, T. S. Chan*, M. Y. Liao*, H. M. Chen*, Comprehensively Probing the Contribution of Site Activity and Population of Active Sites toward Heterogeneous Electrocatalysis, ChemCatChem, 12, 1926 (2020). 
  • Y. Yu, J. J. Du, T. S. Chan*, and C. Jing*, Core–shell AuFe@FeOx-CFC as electrochemical sensor for trace antimony analysis, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical. 319, 128322 (2020) 
  • P. An, L. Wei, H. Li, B. Yang, K. Liu, J. Fu, H. Li, H. Liu, J. Hu, Y.-R. Lu, H. Pan, T. S. Chan*, N. Zhang*, and M. Liu*, Enhancing CO2 Reduction by Suppressing Hydrogen Evolution with Polytetrafluoroethylene Protected Copper Nanoneedles, J. Mater. Chem. A  8, 15936 (2020) 
  • T.-L. Chen, H.-C. Chen, Y.-P. Huang, S.-C. Lin, C.-H. Hou, H.-Y. Tan, C.-W. Tung, T. S. Chan*, J.-J. Shyue, and H. M. Chen*, In Situ Unraveling of the Effect of the Dynamic Chemical State on Selective CO2 Reduction upon Zinc Electrocatalysts, Nanoscale 12, 18013 (2020) 
  • Y.-J. Tu*, S.-L. Wang, Y.-R. Lu, T. S. Chan*, C. T. Johnston, New Insight in Adsorption of Sb(III)/Sb(V) from Waters Using Magnetic Nanoferrites: X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Investigation, J. Mol. Liq.  330, 115691 (2021) 
  • Y. Yang, Y. Xie, Z. Yu, S. Guo, M. Yuan, H. Yao*, Z. Liang*, Y. R. Lu, T. S. Chan*, C. Li*, H. Dong, S. Ma*, Self-supported NiFe-LDH@CoSx Nanosheet Arrays Grown on Nickel Foam as Efficient Bifunctional Electrocatalysts for Overall Water Splitting, Chem. Eng. J.  419, 129512 (2021)     
  • S. Wu, Y. Liu, G. Southam, L. M. Robertson, J. Wykes, Q. Yi, M. Hall, Z. Li, Q. Sun, N. Saha, T. S. Chan*, Y.-R. Lu, and L. Huang*, Rhizosphere Drives Biotite-like Mineral Weathering and Secondary Fe-Si Mineral Formation in Fe Ore Tailings, ACS Earth Space Chem. 5, 618 (2021) 
  • Y. Lin, K. Liu, K. Chen, Y. Xu, H. Li, J. Hu, Y.-R. Lu, T. S. Chan*, X. Qiu, J. Fu, and M. Liu*, Tuning Charge Distribution of FeN4 via External N for Enhanced Oxygen Reduction Reaction, ACS Catalysis  11, 6304 (2021)