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X-ray Absorption Group

Name: 盧英睿( Ying-Rui Lu )
EXT.: 3379
E-mail: lu.yr@nsrrc.org.tw
  • 2017    Ph.D. National Chiao Tung University
  • 2020.6-now Assistant Scientist, NSRRC
  • 2017.2-2020.2 Postdoctroal fellow, NSRRC
  • Manager of TPS 32A 
Research Interests:
  • X-ray absorption spectroscopy
  • Electrochemistry
Selected Publications:
  • TENG, Zhenyuan, et al. Atomically dispersed antimony on carbon nitride for the artificial photosynthesis of hydrogen peroxide. Nature Catalysis, 2021, 4.5: 374-384.
  • JIANG, Kang, et al. Rational strain engineering of single-atom ruthenium on nanoporous MoS 2 for highly efficient hydrogen evolution. Nature communications, 2021, 12.1: 1-10.
  • ZHAO, Yang, et al. Spontaneously Sn-Doped Bi/BiO x Core–Shell Nanowires Toward High-Performance CO2 Electroreduction to Liquid Fuel. Nano Letters, 2021.
  • JIN, Hongchang, et al. Black phosphorus composites with engineered interfaces for high-rate high-capacity lithium storage. Science, 2020, 370.6513: 192-197.
  • HAN, Insung, et al. Dynamic observation of dendritic quasicrystal growth upon laser-induced solid-state transformation. Physical Review Letters, 2020, 125.19: 195503.
  • ZHU, Zhengju, et al. Coexisting Single‐Atomic Fe and Ni Sites on Hierarchically Ordered Porous Carbon as a Highly Efficient ORR Electrocatalyst. Advanced Materials, 2020, 32.42: 2004670.
  • LIEN, Hsiang-Ting, et al. Probing the active site in single-atom oxygen reduction catalysts via operando X-ray and electrochemical spectroscopy. Nature communications, 2020, 11.1: 1-8.
  • CHEN, Kejun, et al. Iron phthalocyanine with coordination induced electronic localization to boost oxygen reduction reaction. Nature communications, 2020, 11.1: 1-8.
  • JIANG, Kang, et al. Dynamic active-site generation of atomic iridium stabilized on nanoporous metal phosphides for water oxidation. Nature communications, 2020, 11.1: 1-9.
  • LU, Y. R., et al. Effect of Fe2O3 coating on ZnO nanowires in photoelectrochemical water splitting: a synchrotron x-ray spectroscopic and spectromicroscopic investigation. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 2020, 209: 110469.
  • WANG, Yu, et al. Critical factors controlling superoxide reactions in lithium–oxygen batteries. ACS Energy Letters, 2020, 5.5: 1355-1363.
  • JIN, Hongchang, et al. A Black Phosphorus–Graphite Composite Anode for Li‐/Na‐/K‐Ion Batteries. Angewandte Chemie, 2020, 132.6: 2338-2342.
  • LU, Ying-Rui, et al. Operando X-ray spectroscopic observations of modulations of local atomic and electronic structures of color switching smart film. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2017, 19.22: 14224-14229.
  • LU, Ying-Rui, et al. Atomic and electronic aspects of the coloration mechanism of gasochromic Pt/Mo-modified V 2 O 5 smart films: an in situ X-ray spectroscopic study. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2016, 18.7: 5203-5210.
  • LU, Ying-Rui, et al. Mechanism of electrochemical deposition and coloration of electrochromic V 2 O 5 nano thin films: an in situ X-ray spectroscopy study. Nanoscale research letters, 2015, 10.1: 1-6.