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Experimental Technique Group

Name: 徐名瑩( Ming-Ying Hsu )
EXT.: 7141
E-mail: hsu.my@nsrrc.org.tw
  • PhD, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University (2001)
  • MS, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University (1997)
  • Assistant Scientist, NSRRC (2017-)
  • Research Scientist, TIRI (2015-2017)
  • Associate Research Scientist, TIRI (2007-2015)
Endstation: TPS 34
Research Interests:
  • Optical System Design Analysis
  • Optical component measurement and optical measurement system design
  • Stress and Heat Transfer Analysis of Optical Components
  • Soft X-ray beamline optical design and construction
Selected Publications:
  • Hsu MY, Lee CY, Fung HS, Chen BY, Yin GC. (2022, May). Water-cooled magnetic coupling drive attenuator design for wiggler light source in the TPS 31A beamline. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 29:888-895. 
  • Bi-Hsuan Lin, Xiao-Yun Li, Dai-Jie Lin, Bo-Lun Jian, Hsu-Cheng Hsu, Huang-Yen Chen, Shao-Chin Tseng, Chien-Yu Lee, Bo-Yi Chen, Gung-Chian Yin, Ming-Ying Hsu, Shih-Hung Chang, Mau-Tsu Tang, and Wen-Feng Hsieh (2018, Dec). Investigation of Cavity Enhanced XEOL of a Single ZnO Microrod by Using Multifunctional Hard X-ray Nanoprobe. Scientific Reports.
  • Bi-Hsuan Lin, Shao-Chin Tseng, Xiao-Yun Li, Dai-Jie Lin, Hsu-Cheng Hsu, Yen-Ting Li, Yu-Cheng Chiu, Chien-Yu Lee, Bo-Yi Chen, Gung-Chian Yin, Ming-Ying Hsu, Shih-Hung Chang, Wen-Feng Hsieh, Mau-Tsu Tang (2018, Aug). Developing the XEOL and TR-XEOL at the X-ray Nanoprobe at Taiwan Photon Source. Microscopy and Microanalysis , 24(S2):200-201. 
  • Han Chao Chang *, Ming-Ying Hsu, Wen-Tse Hsiao, Patrick Joi-Tsang Shum (2018, May). Finite Element Modeling of an Elderly Person’s Cornea and Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses for Presbyopic Patients. Applied Sciences.
  • Ming-Ying Hsu, Wen-Tse Hsiao, Han-Chao Chang (2018, Apr). Designing A Video Laryngoscope Imaging System with A 7-mm Blade for Neonatal Patients. Smart Science, 10.1080/23080477.2018.1460891.