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The mission of this group is to develop the technical schemes and instruments for the high performance of beamlines and endstation at the NSRRC. The mission is carried out in collaboration with scientists, engineers and users at the NSRRC, and others in industry, academia, government, and other synchrotron sources in the world. In support of this mission, we are willing:

  • to characterize optical elements of beamline, such as profile and reflectivity of mirrors.
  • to provide service of special mirror coating and carbon removing scheme of mirrors.
  • to measure the angle vibration of optical components and provide anti-vibration scheme.
  • to develop cryo-temperature experimental technique, such as sample manipulator and transfer of biology sample.
  • to develop X-ray detectors and data processing.
English NameJob Responsibilities
Gung-Chian Yin#
  • TPS 31A Beamline construction leader
Chien-Yu Lee
  • Development and integration of electrical systems
  • Design and implementation of digital and analog circuit
  • Development and integration of SW/HW/FW and FPGA
Shang-Wei Lin
  • Metrology of optics
  • Beamlines and experimental stations control systems
Chih-Yu Hua
  • Software development of beamline and endstaion controls
  • Software development of optics control
Ming-Ying Hsu
  • Optical System Design Analysis
  • Optical component measurement and optical measurement system design
  • Stress and Heat Transfer Analysis of Optical Components
  • Soft X-ray beamline optical design and construction
Chen-Wan Hsu
  • Sputtering deposition
  • Carbon cleaning of synchrotron optics
Shih-Hung Chang
  • Beamline design and construction
Bo-Yi Chen
  • Design and construction of TPS endstations
  • Mechanical evaluation and thermal analysis by finite element method
Huang-Wen Fu
  • Soft X-ray beamline optical design and construction
  • Beamline manager
Hok-Sum Fung
  • Beamline design
  • Metrology for optics element
Chi-Yi Huang
  • Optical design of hard X-ray beamline
Yi-Jr Su
  • Ray-tracing calculation
  • X-ray beamline design
# Group Leader
* Fixed-term Employee