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Materials Science Group

Name: 蔣慶有( Ching-Yu Chiang )
EXT.: 2211
E-mail: chiang.cy@nsrrc.org.tw
  • Ph. D. in Electrophysics, National Chiao Tung University (2016)
  • Assistant Research Scientist, NSRRC  (2018-)
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, NSRRC (2016-2018)
  • Research Assistant, NSRRC (2008-2016)
  • TPS21A, X-ray Nanodiffraction
Research Interests:
  • Nano-focused X-ray Laue Diffraction
  • Crystalline structure and electronic properties of thin-film solar cell and Li-ion battery materials
  • High entropy alloy (HEA) and high entropy ceramic (HEC)
Selected Publications:
  • Hagyeong Kwon, Dongyeon Bae, Dongyeun Won, Heeju Kim, Gunn Kim, Jiung Cho, Hee Jung Park, Hionsuck Baik, Ah Reum Jeong, Chia-Hsien Lin, Ching-Yu Chiang, Ching-Shun Ku, Heejun Yang, Suyeon Cho, “Nanoporous Silver Telluride for Active Hydrogen Evolution” ACS Nano, 15, 4, 6540–6550, 2021 (IF 14.58)
  • Yang Lu,* Ching-Yu Chiang,* Yao Li, Ching-Shun Ku, Hao Yan,* Eugene Huang, Bin Chen, Nobumichi Tamura, “Twinning-mediated anomalous alignment of rutile films revealed by synchrotron X-ray nanodiffraction” iScience, 24, 102278, 2021 (IF 5.08)
  • Ching-Ting Chiu, Yung-Jen Teng, Bai-Hao Dai, I-Yu Tsao, Wei-Chun Lin, Kuan-Wen Wang, Liang-Ching Hsu, Yu-Chung Chang, Chia-Tau Li, Hien Thi Thai Nguyen, Ching-Yu Chiang*, Wei-HsuanHung*, “Novel high-entropy ceramic/carbon composite materials for the decomposition of organic pollutants”, Mater. Chem. Phys., 275, 125274 2021 (IF 4.09)
  • Seohui Kang, Dongyeun Won, Heejun Yang, Chia-Hsien Lin, Ching-Shun Ku, Ching- Yu Chiang,* Sera Kime,* Suyeon Cho,* “Phase-controllable laser thinning in MoTe2” Appl. Surf. Sci. 563, 150282, 2021 (IF 6.18)
  • Jie Xiang Yang,# Bai-Hao Dai,# Ching-Yu Chiang,# I-Chia Chiu, Chih-Wen Pao, Sheng-Yuan Lu, I-Yu Tsao, Shou-Tai Lin, Ching-Ting Chiu, Jien-Wei Yeh, Pai-Chun Chang, and Wei-Hsuan Hung*, "Rapid Fabrication of High-entropy Ceramic Nanomaterials for Catalytic Reaction" ACS nano, 15,12324, 2021 (IF 14.58)
  • Dongyeon Bae, Jeong Hyo Kim, Hagyeong Kwon, Dongyeun Won, Chia-Hsien Lin, Ching-Yu Chiang, Ching-Shun Ku, Karam Park, Sukmin Jeong, HeejunYang, Suyeon Cho, “Hydrogen bubble-assisted growth of Pt3Te4 for electrochemical catalysts” Curr. Appl. Phys., 30, 20-26, 2021 (IF 2.48)
  • Yi-Cheng Chen, Yu-Hao Tu, Li-Wei Chen, Yu-Hong Lai, Meng-Fu Tsai, Ying-Xiu Lin, Hou-Chou Lai, Ching-Yu Chiang, Heng-Jui Liu, Hsin-Che Pan, Tzu-Yi Yang, Dawei Zhang, Jan Seidel, Jyh-Ming Wu, Yu-Lun Chueh, Wen-Hao Chang, Ching-Shun Ku, Shih-Hsun Chen, Li Chang, and Ying-Hao Chu, “Fabrication of Large-Scale High-Mobility Flexible Transparent Zinc Oxide Single Crystal Wafers” ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 13, 18991-18998, 2021 (IF 8.76)
  • Pei-Tzu Lee, Wan-Zhen Hsieh, Cheng-Yu Lee, Yu-Hsuan Huang, Ching-Yu Chiang, Ching-Shun Ku, C.R. Kao*, Cheng-En Ho*, “Synchrotron white Laue nanodiffraction study on the allotropic phase transformation between hexagonal and monoclinic Cu6Sn5” J. Mater. Res. Technol. 13, 1316, 2021 (IF 5.29)
  • Dominik Dworschak, Hsiu-Wei Cheng, Ching-Shun Ku, Ching-Yu Chiang, Chia-Hsien Lin, Markus Valtiner, “Comparison of Elemental Resolved non-confined and restricted electrochemical degradation of Nickel Base Alloys” Corros Sci., 190, 109629 2021 (IF 6.48)
  • Jia-Cheng Guo, Changlong Zou, Ching-Yu Chiang, Te-An Chang, Jiun-Jen Chen, Li-Chiang Lin, Dun-Yen Kang, “NaP1 zeolite membranes with high selectivity for water-alcohol pervaporation”, J. Membr. Sci., 639, 119762, 2021 (IF 8.74)
  • Li‐Wei Kuo*, Steven A. F. Smith, Chien‐Chih Chen, Ching‐Shun Ku, Ching‐Yu Chiang, Dennis Brown, Marianne Negrini, Wen‐Jeng Huang & Tze‐Yuan Chen, “Lightning‐induced high temperature and pressure microstructures in surface and subsurface fulgurites”, Sci. Rep., 11, 22031, 2021 (IF 4.38)
  • Jiachen Li, Yun Kuang, Yongtao Meng, Xin Tian, Wei-Hsuan Hung, Xiao Zhang, Aowen Li, Mingquan Xu, Wu Zhou, Ching-Shun Ku, Ching-Yu Chiang, Guanzhou Zhu, Jinyu Guo, Xiaoming Sun, and Hongjie Dai*, “Electroreduction of CO2 to Formate on a Copper-Based Electrocatalyst at High Pressures with High Energy Conversion Efficiency” J. Am. Chem. Soc., 142, 16, 7276-7282, 2020 (IF2020: 14.612)
  • Lee, Ling; Tang , Shin-Yi ; Chen, Jung-Hung ; Su, Teng-Yu ; Chen, Hsuan-Chu ; Lin, Chia-Hsien; Chiang, Ching-Yu ; Chiu, Shang-Jui; Ku, Ching-Shun; Shen, Ji-Lin; Wang, Zhiming*; Chueh, Yu-Lun*, "Nanoprobing of MoS2 by synchrotron radiation when van der Waals epitaxy is locally invalid" ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 12, 32041-32053, 2020 (IF2020: 8.758)
  • Yang Lu*, Ching-Yu Chiang, Eugene Huang, “Vertically nanotwinned TiO2 photoanodes with enhanced charge transport for efficient solar water splitting” Appl. Mater. Today, 20, 100707, 2020 (IF2020: 8.352)
  • Wen-Jie Wu , Li-Wei Kuo*, Ching-Shun Ku, Ching-Yu Chiang, Hwo-Shuenn Sheu, Tyas Dwi Aprilniadi, Jia-Jyun Dong, “Mixed-mode formation of amorphous materials in the creeping zone of the Chihshang Fault, Taiwan, and implications for deformation style” J. Geophys. Res. Solid Earth, 125, 6, 1-19, 2020 (IF2020: 3.64)
  • C. Merola, H.-W. Cheng, D. Dworschak, C.-S. Ku, C.-Y. Chiang, F. U. Renner, M. Valtiner*, “Nanometer Resolved Real Time Visualization of Acidification and Material Breakdown in Confinement”, Adv. Mater. Interfaces, 6, 1802069, 2019 (IF2019: 4.948)
  • Pei-I. Tsai, Tu-Ngoc Lam, Meng-Huang Wu, Kuan-Ying Tseng, Yuan-Wei Chang, Jui-Sheng Sun, Yen-Yao Li, Ming-Hsueh Lee, San-Yuan Chen, Chung-Kai Chang, Chun-Jen Su, Chia-Hsien Lin, Ching-Yu Chiang, Ching-Shun Ku, Nien-Ti Tsou, Shao-Ju Shih, Chun-Chieh Wang, E-Wen Huang*, “Multi-scale mapping for collagen-regulated mineralization in bone remodeling of additive manufacturing porous implants” Mater. Chem. Phys., 230, 83-92, 2019 (IF2019: 3.408)
  • Der-Sheng Chao*, Hua-Yu Shih, Jheng-Yi Jiang, Chih-Fang Huang, Ching-Yu Chiang, Ching-Shun Ku, Cheng-Tyng Yen, Lurng-Sheng Lee, Fu-Jen Hsu, Kuo-Ting Chu, Chien-Chung Hung, and Chwan-Ying Lee, “Influence of displacement damage induced by neutron irradiation on effective carrier density in 4H-SiC SBDs and MOSFETs” Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., 58, SBBD08, 2019 (IF2019: 1.47)
  • E-Wen Huang*, Hung-ShengChou, K. N.Tu, Wei-Song Hung, Tu-Ngoc Lam, Che-WeiTsai, Ching-Yu Chiang, Bi-Hsuan Lin, An-ChouYeh, Shan-HsiuChang, Yao-JenChang, Jun-JieYang, Xiao-Yun Li, Ching-Shun Ku, Ke An, Yuan-WeiChang, Yu-Lun Jao, “Element Effects on High-Entropy Alloy Vacancy and Heterogeneous Lattice Distortion Subjected to Quasi-equilibrium Heating” Sci. Rep., 9, 14788, 2019 (IF2019: 4.01)
  • Ching-Yu Chiang, S.-W. Hsiao, P.-J. Wu, C.-S. Yang, C.-H. Chen, and W.-C. Chou, “Depth-Profiling Electronic and Structural Properties of Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 Thin-Film Solar Cell”, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 8, 24152-24160 2016 (IF2016: 7.145)
  • L.-M. Wang, C.-Y. Wang, C.-R. Jheng, S.-J. Wu, C.-K. Sai, Y.-J. Lee, Ching-Yu Chiang, and B.-Y. Shew, “Characteristics of low-resistivity aluminum-doped zinc oxide films deposited at room temperature by off-axis radio-frequency sputtering on flexible plastic substrates”, Appl. Phys. A, 122, 731 2016 (IF2016: 1.444)
  • C.-W. Hu, T.-Y. Chen, K.-S. Shih, P.-J. Wu, H.-C. Su, Ching-Yu Chiang, A.-F. Huang, H.-W. Hsieh, C.-C. Chang, B.-Y. Shew, and C.-H. Lee, “Real-time investigation on the influences of vanadium additives to the structural and chemical state evolutions of LiFePO4 for enhancing the electrochemical performance of lithium-ion battery”, J. Power Sources, 240, 449-456 2014 (IF2014: 6.217)
  • Y.-C. Chen, T.-F. Hung, C.-W. Hu, Ching-Yu Chiang, C.-W. Huang, H.-C. Su, R.-S. Liu, C.-H. Lee, and C.-C. Chang, “Rutile-type (Ti,Sn)O2 nanorods as efficient anode materials toward its lithium storage capabilities”, Nanoscale, 5, 2254 2013 (IF2013: 6.739)
  • C.-W. Hu, N. Sharma, Ching-Yu Chiang, H.-C. Su, V. K. Peterson, H.-W. Hsieh, Y.-F. Lin, W.-C. Chou, B.-Y. Shew, and C.-H. Lee, “Real-time investigation of the structural evolution of electrodes in a commercial lithium-ion battery containing a V-added LiFePO4 cathode using in-situ neutron powder diffraction”, J. Power Sources, 244, 158-163 2013 (IF2012: 5.2)
  • L.-M. Wang, Ching-Yu Chiang, S.-T. Yeh, S.-W. Chen, Z.-A. Peng, S.-C. Bair, D.-S. Lee, F.-C. Liao, and Y.-K. Kuo, “Synthesis and post-annealing effects on the transport properties of thermoelectric oxide (ZnO)mIn2O3 ceramics”, Ceram. Int.,38, 1167-1174 2012 (IF2012: 1.789)
  • Ching-Yu Chiang, H.-C. Su, P.-J. Wu, H.-J. Liu, C.-W. Hu, N. Sharma, V. K. Peterson, H.-W. Hsieh, Y.-F. Lin, W.-C. Chou, C.-H. Lee, J.-F. Lee, and B.-Y. Shew, “Vanadium Substitution of LiFePO4 Cathode Materials to Enhance the Capacity of LiFePO4‐Based Lithium-Ion Batteries”, J. Phys. Chem. C, 116, 24424-24429 2012 (IF2012: 4.81)