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Materials Science Group

Name: 蔣慶有( Ching-Yu Chiang )
EXT.: 2211
E-mail: chiang.cy@nsrrc.org.tw
  • Ph. D. in Electrophysics, National Chiao Tung University (2016)
  • Assistant Research Scientist, NSRRC  (2018-)
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, NSRRC (2016-2018)
  • Research Assistant, NSRRC (2008-2016)
  • TPS21A, X-ray Nanodiffraction
Research Interests:
  • Nano-focused X-ray Laue Diffraction
  • Crystalline structure and electronic properties of thin-film solar cell and Li-ion battery materials
Selected Publications:
  • Ching-Yu Chiang, S.-W. Hsiao, P.-J. Wu, C.-S. Yang, C.-H. Chen, and W.-C. Chou, “Depth-Profiling Electronic and Structural Properties of Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 Thin-Film Solar Cell”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 8, 24152-24160 (2016). (IF2016: 7.145)
  • L.-M. Wang, C.-Y. Wang, C.-R. Jheng, S.-J. Wu, C.-K. Sai, Y.-J. Lee, Ching-Yu Chiang, and B.-Y. Shew, “Characteristics of low-resistivity aluminum-doped zinc oxide films deposited at room temperature by off-axis radio-frequency sputtering on flexible plastic substrates”, Applied Physics A 122, 731 (2016). (IF2016: 1.444)
  • C.-W. Hu, T.-Y. Chen, K.-S. Shih, P.-J. Wu, H.-C. Su, Ching-Yu Chiang, A.-F. Huang, H.-W. Hsieh, C.-C. Chang, B.-Y. Shew, and C.-H. Lee, “Real-time investigation on the influences of vanadium additives to the structural and chemical state evolutions of LiFePO4 for enhancing the electrochemical performance of lithium-ion battery”, Journal of Power Sources 240, 449-456 (2014). (IF2014: 6.217)
  • Y.-C. Chen, T.-F. Hung, C.-W. Hu, Ching-Yu Chiang, C.-W. Huang, H.-C. Su, R.-S. Liu, C.-H. Lee, and C.-C. Chang, “Rutile-type (Ti,Sn)O2 nanorods as efficient anode materials toward its lithium storage capabilities”, Nanoscale 5, 2254 (2013). (IF2013: 6.739)
  • C.-W. Hu, N. Sharma, Ching-Yu Chiang, H.-C. Su, V. K. Peterson, H.-W. Hsieh, Y.-F. Lin, W.-C. Chou, B.-Y. Shew, and C.-H. Lee, “Real-time investigation of the structural evolution of electrodes in a commercial lithium-ion battery containing a V-added LiFePO4 cathode using in-situ neutron powder diffraction”, Journal of Power Sources 244, 158-163 (2013). (IF2012: 5.2)
  • Ching-Yu Chiang, H.-C. Su, P.-J. Wu, H.-J. Liu, C.-W. Hu, N. Sharma, V. K. Peterson, H.-W. Hsieh, Y.-F. Lin, W.-C. Chou, C.-H. Lee, J.-F. Lee, and B.-Y. Shew, “Vanadium Substitution of LiFePO4 Cathode Materials to Enhance the Capacity of LiFePO4‐Based Lithium-Ion Batteries”, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116, 24424-24429 (2012). (IF2012: 4.81)
  • L.-M. Wang, Ching-Yu Chiang, S.-T. Yeh, S.-W. Chen, Z.-A. Peng, S.-C. Bair, D.-S. Lee, F.-C. Liao, and Y.-K. Kuo, “Synthesis and post-annealing effects on the transport properties of thermoelectric oxide (ZnO)mIn2O3 ceramics”, Ceramics International 38, 1167-1174 (2012). (IF2012: 1.789)