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Life Science Group

Name: 黃佩瑜( Pei-Yu Huang )
EXT.: 7329
E-mail: pyhuang@nsrrc.org.tw
  • M.S. in Biomedical Engineering, National Cheng kung University
  • National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (2006~)
  • End-station of Infrared Microspectroscopy, BL14A1
  • Beamline Manger
Research Interests:
  • Study of the innovative mothod of wax physisorption kinetics (WPK) for detecting altered glycosylation for early dection of cancer.
  • Using synchrotron-based FTIR imaging for diagnosing chronic disease and assessing transplanted tissue.
  • Vibrational spectroscopy of fossil using synchrotron-based FTIR microspectroscopy and Confocal Raman microscopy.
Selected Publications:
  •  L.-F. Chiu, P.-Y. Huang, W.-F. Chiang, T.-Y. Wong, S.-H. Lin, Y.-C. Lee*, D.-B. Shieh*, “Oral cancer diagnostics based on infrared spectral markers and wax physisorption kinetics”, Anal. Bioanal. Chem., 405(6), 1995 (2013) (IF: 3.841)
  • P.-Q Yu, K. Theodoridou, H. Xin, P.-Y. Huang, Y.-C. Lee, B. R. Wood, “Synchrotron-based microspectroscopic study on the effects of heat treatments on cotyledon tissues in yellow-type canola (Brassica) seeds. “J. Agric. Food Chem., 61, 7234(2013) (IF: 2.906)
  • M. M. H. Hsu, P.-Y. Huang, Y.-C. Lee, Y.-C. Fang, M. W. Y. Chan, and C.-I Lee*, “FT-IR Microspectrometry Reveals the Variation of Membrane Polarizability due to Epigenomic Effect on Epithelial Ovarian Cancer.”, Int J Mol Sci.,15(10): 17963, (2014). (IF: 2.339)
  • C-H. Lee, C-Y. Hsu, P-Y. Huang, C-I. Chen, Y-C. Lee*, and H-S. Yu*, “Arsenite Regulates Prolongation of Glycan Residues of Membrane Glycoprotein: A Pivotal Study via Wax Physisorption Kinetics and FTIR Imaging”, Int. J. Mol. Sci. (2016), 17(3), 427. (IF: 3.257)
  • Y.-C. Lee*, C.-C. Chiang, P.-Y. Huang, C.-Y. Chung, T. D. Huang, C.-C. Wang, C.-I. Chen, R.-S. Chang, C.-H. Liao, R. R. Reisz*, “Evidence of preserved collagen in an Early Jurassic sauropodomorph dinosaur revealed by synchrotron FTIR microspectroscopy”, Nat. Commun., 8, 14220, (2017). (IF: 12.124)
  • E. K. Astani, S. Ersali, Y.-C. Lee, P.-J. Lin, Y.-C. Huang, P.-Y. Huang, V. Jafarian, S. Hosseinkhani, C.-J. Chen*,” Determination and evaluation of secondary structure content derived from calcium-induced conformational changes in wild-type and mutant mnemiopsin 2 by synchrotron-based Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy”, Biochim. Biophys. Acta - Proteins Proteom., 1868, 140528 (2020) (IF: 2.540)
  • K. Lakshmanan, W.-H. Huang, S. A. Chala, B. W. Taklu, E. A. Moges, J.-F. Lee, P.-Y. Huang, Y.-C. Lee, M.-C. Tsai*, W.-N. Su*, and B. J. Hwang*, “Highly Active Oxygen Coordinated Configuration of Fe Single-atom Catalyst toward Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 into Multi-carbon Products”, Adv. Funct. Mater., 32, 2109310 (2022) (IF: 19.924)
  • P.-Y. Lin, P.-Y. Huang, Y.-C Lee* and C.-S. Ng*, “Analysis and comparison of protein secondary structures in the rachis of avian flight feathers”, PeerJ, 10:e12919 (2022) ( IF: 3.06)
  • Y.-T.Chen, P.-Y.Huang, J.-Y.Wang, Y.-C. Lee* and C.-Y. Chai*, “An innovative diagnosis in gastrointestinal neuroendocrine neoplasms using Wax-Physisorption-Kinetics-based FTIR Imaging.“ Sci. Rep., 12, 17168(2022) ( IF: 4.996)
  • Y.-T. Chen#, P.-Y. Huang#, C.-Y. Chai, S. Yu, Y.-L. Hsieh, H.-C. Chang, C.-W. Kuo, Y.-C. Lee* , and H.-S. Yu*, “Early detection of the initial stages of LED light-triggered non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by wax physisorption kinetics-Fourier transform infrared imaging”, Analyst, 2023, Advance Article (IF: 5.227)
  • Y-C. Lee, C-I. Chen, P-Y. Huang, and C-Y. Liu, “A study of Fourier-Transform infrared Microspectroscopy under Top-Up injection Operation at NSRRC”, Instruments today.170, 7-15 (2009)
  • Y-C. Lee, P-Y. Huang, Y-C. Chang and C-I. Chen, “An infrared kinetic study of wax physisorption for oral cavity cancer detection using synchrotron-based infrared microspectrscopy”, Instruments today.170, 47-60 (2009) 
  • 李耀昌、陳俊榮、馮學深、李志甫、黃玉山、李明道、宋豔芳、鄭有舜、江素玉、陳慶曰、黃佩瑜、許益瑞、俞聖法、吳文桂, “同步輻射在生命科學上的應用與發展-高解析傅立葉轉換紅外光譜顯微術原理與應用”, 物理雙月刊(三十卷一期) 2008 年二月
  • 江正誠、黃佩瑜、李耀昌, “台灣科學神燈下的恐龍世界”, 科學發展, 2015,10, 514
  • 江正誠、黃佩瑜、陳慶曰、李耀昌, “探索恐龍化石的顯微世界”, 科儀新知, 2015,12, 205
  • 李耀昌,黃佩瑜一種新型顯微鏡照明裝置臺灣專利, 09,840,927,640 (2009)  
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  • 李耀昌、黃佩瑜、陳慶曰, “癌化生物標本の検出方法、および、使用する検査試薬”, 日本專利, 特許第5266556 (2013)
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  • 李耀昌,黃佩瑜, “鑑定癌級別之方法“, R.O.C. patent, No. 107145326 (2020)
  • Y.-C. Lee, P. -Y. Huang, “Method for Cancer Grading“, European Patent Application, EP3578982 (2020) (German602018008644.7; UK 3578982; France 3578982)
  • Y.-C. Lee, P. -Y. Huang,「癌グレーディングのための方法」, Japan patent, P6782818(2020)
  • Y.-C. Lee, P.-Y. Huang, Method for Cancer Grading, USA patent, US 10,948,482 B2, (2021)