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Beamline Group

Name: 于冠禮( Kuan-Li Yu )
EXT.: 7339
E-mail: klyu@nsrrc.org.tw
  • PHD. in Department of Engineering and System Science, National Tsing-Hua University (2004)
  • MS in Department of Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics, National Tsing-Hua University (1997)
  • BA in Department of Nuclear Engineering, National Tsing-Hua University (1995)
  • Assistant Researcher (2008-)
  • Posdoc of NSRRC (2007-2008)
  • Project Assistant Scientist of NSRRC (2004-2007)
Selected Publications:
  • Structural and compositional investigation of yttrium-doped HfO2 films epitaxially grown on Si(111) Z. K. Yang, W. C. Lee, Y. J. Lee, P. Chang, M. L. Huang, M. Hong, K. L. Yu, M.-T. Tang, B.-H. Lin, and C.-H. Hsu and J. Kwo Applied Physics Letters, 91, 202909 (2007).
  • X-ray study of the structure and magnetic property of the co-doped ZnO nanoparticles prepared by thermal hydrolysis Lee C-H, Liao Y-F, T-W Huang, Lin M-Z, K. L. Yu, Hsu H-S, T-H Lee, Huang JCA Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, vol.310, no.2, pp. e818-e820 (2007).
  • Anomalous Grazing Incident Small Angle X-ray Scattering Investigating the Surface Morphology of FePt Magnetic Nanoparticles Monolayer on Functional Modulated Substrate T.W. Huang, K. L. Yu, Y.F Liao and C.H. Lee Journal of Applied Crystallography, 40, s480–s484 (2007).
  • Characterization of a NiMn-pinned spin valve thin film using polarized neutron reflectivity and X-ray reflectivity methods Jinn-Jer Peir, Chih-Hao Lee, K. L. Yu, Zin Tun, Jauyn Grace Lin Chinese Journal of Physics, vol.44, no.6, pp. 478-485 (2006).
  • Enhance the structural stability of the FePt nanoparticle monolayer by adding gold overlayer T.W. Huang, K. L. Yu, Y.F. Liao and C.H. Lee Colloids and Surfaces A, 284-285, 603-606 (2006).