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Name: 李耀昌( Yao-Chang Lee )
EXT.: 7333
E-mail: yclee@nsrrc.org.tw
  • Ph.D. in Chemistry, National Tsing Hua University (2002)
  • Associate research scientist Research Scientist National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (1/ 2018~present)
  • Assistant research scientist National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (1/ 2004~12/2017)
  • Adjunct Associate professor, Department of Chemistry, National Tsing Hua University (2/2020~present)
  • Adjunct Associate professor, Department of Optics and Photonics, National Central University (8/2019~present)
  • Adjunct Assistant professor, Department of Optics and Photonics, National Central University (8/2014~present)
  • Adjunct Assistant professor, Department of Applied Science, National Hsinchu University of Education (8/2003~7/2012)
  • Researcher, Industrial Technology Research Institute (8/2002~12/2003)
Research Interests:
  • Developing wax physisorption kinetics (WPK) for detecting aberrant glycosylation of early detection of cancer and chronic disease.
  • Establishing artificial intelligence algorithms based on FTIR-WPK imaging data by using VB.NET  in Disease Diagnosis.
  • Developing assessment strategies of transplanted tissue by using WPK-FTIR imaging
  • Composition analysis of paleontological samples using synchrotron-based FTIR microspectroscopy and Confocal Raman microscopy
  •  Y.-C. Lee and H.-W. Wang, “Real-time infrared chemical imaging spectrometer”, R.O.C. Patent, No. 203,435 (2004).
  • Y.-C. Lee (李耀昌), “Metal-recognized apparatus and methodology by optical reflection”, R.O.C. Patent, No. I226, 435 (2005).
  • Y.-C. Lee (李耀昌), “Multi-reflection collection probe of Fluorescence inspection”, R.O.C. Patent, No. I230, 789 (2005).
  • Y.-C. Lee (李耀昌) and H.-W. Wang, “Real-Time infrared chemical imaging spectroscopic apparatus”, USA patent, US 6992293 B2 (2006)
  • Y.-C. Lee (李耀昌) and P.-Y. Huang, “A novel microscope illuminator “, R.O.C. Patent, No. 09840927640(2009), Japan Patent, No. 3150912 (2009)
  • Y.-C. Lee (李耀昌), P. Y. Huang, C.-I. Chen, Method for detecting cancer and reagents for use therein, USA patent, US-8-354,222 B2, (2013) ; Japan patent, 2009-119309, (2013) ; R.O.C. patent, No. 404931, (2013). The patent of WPK has been licensed to a third-party company in 2017.
  • Y.-C. Lee (李耀昌), P. Y. Huang, “Method for Cancer Grading“, US 16/002,538(pending); EP18179385.2 (2018)(pending)
Selected Publications:
  • C.-J. Liu, C.-H. Wang, C.-C Chien, T.-Y. Yang, S.-T Chen, W.-H. Leng, C.-F. Lee, K.-H. Lee, Y. Hwu, Y.-C. Lee, C.-L. Cheng, C.-S. Yang, Y.-J. Chen, J.-H. Je and G. Margaritondo, “Enhanced x-ray irradiation-induced cancer cell damage by gold nanoparticles treated by a new synthesis method of polyethylene glycol modification”, Nanotechnology, 19, 295104(2008)
  • Y.-C. Lin, H.-L. Chou, M.-C. Tsai, B.-J. Hwang, L. S. Sarma, Y.-C. Lee and C.-I. Chen, “Combined Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Nanosized Effects of Pt Catalyst on Their Underlying Methanol Electro-Oxidation Activity”, Phys. Chem. C, 113 (21), 9197(2009)
  • C.-J. Liu, T.-Y. Yang, C.-H.Wang, C.-C. Chien, S.-T. Chen, C.-L.Wang, W.-H. Leng, Y. Hwu*, H.-M. Line, Y.-C. Lee, C.-L. Cheng, J. H. Je , G. Margaritondo, “Enhanced photocatalysis, colloidal stability and cytotoxicity of synchrotron X-ray synthesized Au/TiO2 nanoparticles”, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 117 74(2009)
  • Y.-C. Lee*, C.-I. Chen, P.-Y. Huang, and C.-Y. Liu, “A study of Fourier-Transform infrared Microspectroscopy under Top-Up injection Operation at NSRRC”, Instruments today.170, 7-15 (2009)
  • Y.-C. Lee*, P.-Y. Huang , Y.-C. Chang, and C.-I. Chen, “An infrared kinetic study of wax physisorption for oral cavity cancer detection using synchrotron-based infrared microspectrscopy”, Instruments today.170, 47-60 (2009)
  • J. B. Aitken, E. A. Carter, H. Eastgate, M. J. Hackett, H. H. Harris, A. Levina, Y.-C. Lee, C.-I Chen, B. Laid, S. Vogt, P. A. Lay*, “Biomedical application soft X-ray absorption and vibrational spectroscopic microscopies in obtaining structural information from complex systems”, Radiation Physics and Chemistry 79, 176 (2010)
  • C.-Y. Chung, Y.-Y. Lin, K.-Y. Wu, W.-Y. Tai, S.-W. Chu, Y.-C. Lee, Y. Hwu, Y.-Y. Lee*, “Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy using a single-pass picosecond supercontinuum-seeded optical parametricamplifier”, Optics Express, 18(6), 6116(2010)
  • E. A. Carter, B. S. Rayner, A. I. McLeod, L. E. Wu, C. P. Marshall, A. Levina, J. B. Aitken, P. K. Witting, B. Lai, Z. Cai, S. Vogt, Y.-C. Lee, C.-I. Chen, M. J. Tobin, H. H. Harris and P. A. Lay “Silicon nitride as a versatile growth substrate for microspectroscopic imaging and mapping of individual cells ” Mol. BioSyst., 6, 1316 – 1322(2010) (IF: 4.23)
  • C.-W. Huang, Y.-C. Lee, and Y.-P. Lee* “Diminished cage effect in solid p-H2: Infrared spectra of ClSCS, ClCS, and ClSC in an irradiated p-H2 matrix containing Cl2 and CS2” J. Chem. Phys. 132, 164303 (2010) (IF:3.093)
  • A.H.M. S. Reza, J.-S. Jean*, M.-K. Lee, C.-C. Liu, J. Bundschuh, H.-J. Yang, J.-F. Lee, Y.-C. Lee,“ Implications of organic matter on arsenic mobilization into groundwater: Evidence from northwestern (Chapai-Nawabganj), central (Manikganj) and southeastern (Chadpur) Bangladesh”, Water Research, 44(19), 5556–74 (2010), (IF:4.35)
  • H.-C. Lu, W.-T. Whang, and B.-M. Cheng, "Effect of Alkyl Position of Pyrrole on Structures and Properties of Conjugated Polysquaraines ", Synthetic Metals 160, 1002-1007 (2010). (IF:1.91)
  • H.-C. Lu, W.-T. Whang and B.-M. Cheng "Switchable Structural Modification Accompanying Altered Optical Properties of a Zwitterionic Polysquaraine", Chem. Phys. Lett. 500, 267-271 (2010) (IF:2.291)
  • A. H. M. S. Reza, J.-S. Jean, H.-J. Yang, M.-K. Lee, H.-F. Hsu, C.-C. Liu, Y.-C. Lee, J. Bundschuh, K.-H. Lin, C.-Y. Lee, “A comparative study on arsenic and humic substances in alluvial aquifers of Bengal delta plain (NW Bangladesh), Chianan plain (SW Taiwan) and Lanyang plain (NE Taiwan): implication of arsenic mobilization mechanisms” Environ Geochem Health, 33(3), 235 –58 (2011) (IF:1.622)
  • S. Kar, J. P. Maity, J.-S. Jean, C.-C. Liu, B. Nath, Y.-C. Lee, J. Bundschuh, C.-Y. Chen and Z. Li, “Role of organic matter and humic substances in the binding and mobility of arsenic in a Gangetic aquifer”, Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A, 46, 1231–1238(2011). (IF:1.36)
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