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We design and develop the optics and methodology, construct and operate experimental facilities for the synchrotron radiation based X-ray and infrared microscopy. We strengthen and enforce the research activities visualized by synchrotron microscopic techniques, in a full spectrum of researches, covering physics, materials science, biology, medicine, archeology, environmental science, energy technology, nanotechnology, semiconductor devices and earth science. We see and we resolve.

English NameJob Responsibilities
Lee-Jene Lai*
  • Spokesperson of TPS 24A beamline and endstation
  • Soft X-ray tomography
Chun-Chieh Wang
  • TLS BL01B1 Nano-transmission X-ray microscope endstation
  • X-ray microscopy
  • 3D computed tomography reconstruction algorithm
Yen-Fang Song
  • X-ray absorption spectroscopy
  • Beamline research and development
  • Optical element analysis
  • X-ray Microscopy
Yin-Yu Lee
  • BL21B2 & BL04C2 beamline spokesperson
  • Ultrafast Laser system
  • Molecular Beam Two-Color Experimental endstation
Zi-Jing Lin
  • Soft X-ray tomography
Yi-Hung Lin
  • Supporting TPS 24A operation
Bi-Hsuan Lin
  • Participate in the construction and commissioning of the nano-probe beamline program
  • X-ray scattering
  • X-ray excited optical luminescence
Shao-Chin Tseng
  • In-Situ X-ray Analysis Technology
  • Nano X-ray Absorption Spectrum
  • Nano Semiconductor Process and Analysis
  • Biomedical Optoelectronics Sensing
Tzu-Ping Huang
  • BL21 & BL04C beamline manager
  • Ultrafast Laser system
Mau-Tsu Tang
  • X-ray optics
  • X-ray microscopy
Chia-Chun Hsieh
  • Frozen Biological Specimen Preparation for Soft X-ray Tomography Microscopy
Hua Mo Da-Sang
  • Utilizing soft X-ray tomography to expand the understanding of iron metabolism in liver cells.
  • Using soft X-ray tomography to study and dissect other organelle trafficking during cellular metabolism in other cells, such as plant cells in the future.
* Group Leader