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The major tasks of the Precision Mechanical Engeering Group are briefly listed:

  1. Survey alignment network of overall NSRRC establishment
  2. The components installed in booster ring, transport-line, storage ring and the beamlines Survey & alignment
  3. The optical components, related holding and adjusting mechanisms design, development and measuring
  4. Photon beam monitors development
  5. Vibration measuring, control and elimination
  6. precision adjustment mechanisms for store ring and experiment station development
  7. 3D drawing integration, drawing hardware and software preparation
Instruments for survey & alignment
Control points construction
The deviation of girders over the years
Layout of the center line
Installation and alignment
Survey for large mechanisms
Control system architecture of the TPS storage ring girder
Self-made module and measuring system
Equipment in the optical laboratory
Precision measuring Instruments
Optical components developed
Synchrotron light interferometry beam size monitor
TPS girder Laser PSD deviation detecting system
Vibration Measuring Instruments
Ground motion of TPS storage ring
Modal Testing of TPS SR prototype girder system
Vacuum mirror chamber, manipulator and feedthrough
3D drawing integration of the TPS
English NameJob Responsibilities
Chien-Kuang Kuan*
  • Front End Design of Synchrotron Radiation Accelerator
  • Design and manufacture of measuring photon-beam system
  • Measurement and analysis about beam stability
  • Design, calculation and thermal analysis of high thermal-load component
  • Design, analysis and manufacture of mechanical component
Chia-Jui Lin
  • Accelerator Survey & Alignment
  • Insertion Device Assembly Alignment
Din-Goa Huang
  • Mechanical drawing
His-Chou Ho
  • Accelerator Survey and alignment
  • Laser optical metrology
Jeremy Wang
  • Mechanical Control system
  • Computer science and engineering
Keng-Hao Hsu
  • TPS magnets girders system vibration measurement and study
Shen-Yaw Perng
  • Mechanism Design and Development
Tse-Chuan Tseng
  • Mirror holder and adjusting mechanism design
  • Mirror profile measurement
  • Active optical bender development
  • SR interferometer beam size monitor (BSM) establishment
  • TPS magnets girders system design
Wei-Yang Lai
  • TPS network alignment measurement and study
Chun-Shien Huang
  • Measurement and analysis of TPS SR interferometer beam size monitor
  • Measurement and analysis of TLS beam stability system
* Group Leader