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The mission of beam dynamics group

  1. Accelerator design and performance upgrade
  2. Troubleshooting and analysis of operational problems
  3. Development of analysis programs for accelerator physics
  4. R&D of novel accelerator-based light source
English NameJob Responsibilities
Ping-Jung Chou*
  • Taiwan Photon Source Design
  • Collective beam instability
  • Accelerator physics experiment
  • Beam dynamics
  • Future light source study
Gwo-Huei Luo
  • Research and development on accelerator physics and technology
  • Accelerator for medical and industrial applications
Yi-Chih Liu
  • simulation and analysis of beam dynamics
  • insertion devices and their effects on beam dynamics
  • troubleshooting of accelerator operation
  • experimental accelerator physics
Hung-Jen Tsai
  • Nonlinear beam dunamics simulation
  • Acelerator physics application program development
Mau-Sen Chiu
  • Taiwan Photon Source Design
Fan-Hsin Tseng
  • Taiwan Photon Source Design
Chia-Hsiang Chen
  • Accelerator physics experiment
  • Accelerator parameter measurements
  • Future light source design
Jia-Ye Chen
  • Accelerator Physics Experiment
  • Accelerator Physics Application Program
* Group Leader