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The accelerator operation group involves machine operation. It includes that announcement and analysis of beam trip event, light source stability monitor and fine adjustment for users to keep high reliability of machine. The main operation location is in the control room. Control room is the nerve center of the accelerator facilities. Operators take the information form workstations and all kinds diagnostics instrumentation to make machine operation smoothly. They also share the responsibility of radiation safety and early warning of possible components failure. Utilize the available tools to make the re-injection process smooth and keep the stored electron beam stable. The operation procedure should be performed under all the safety measured.

Generally, the accessible instrumentation can be roughly characterized into four category :

  1. the VMS control console,
  2. the diagnostics instrumentation,
  3. the radiation safety interlock system, and
  4. some visor monitors.

The VMS workstations serve as the main control unit to all subsystems, which include the power supplies, the injection components, the RF system, vacuum system, the beam position reading, and the movement of the insertion devices etc. The graphical-users- interface was programmed to a very friendly way to access to all the subsystems. The diagnostics instrumentation includes spectrum analyzer, digital and analog oscilloscopes, photon stability monitor and archived data analyzing program. The radiation safety system is the interlock system to protect the intruder away from the operating storage ring and booster. The visor monitors were placed around the storage ring, experiment area, core area, and some key position to constantly monitor the machine status and safety.