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Vacuum group has designed, fabricated the third generation 1.5GeV synchrotron accelerator Taiwan Light Source (TLS) ever since National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC) was established. It includes clean room, chemical clean room, high temperature baked oven, Aluminum welding room…etc., to name but a view. We designed large scaled ultra high vacuum (UHV) system such as transport line and storage ring and they are manufactured by domestic companies. As TLS started to operate in 1993, vacuum group had designed and constructed TLS beam lines such as BL17(W20)、BL19(XRL)、BL09(U5)、BL21(U9) and BL03(HF). in 2000 we also developed superconducting wiggler (SW) aluminum vacuum chamber , high heat load front end absorber, as well as manufacturing of photon beam position monitor (XBPM).

In 2004 vacuum group planned to design and fabricate 3GeV, 500mA Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) vacuum system and front end. The large scaled aluminum dipole chambers are solely made by domestic company, they are done by alcohol machining to reach UHV requirement. The aluminum vacuum chambers, include EPU and IU, cover 518 meter circumference have been made and installed, 7 front ends were also installed in 2015. These vacuum systems have passed the operation test and is successfully in operation. Note that up to 2018 we have installed 13 front ends.

The research topics of vacuum group include:
  1. R&D in vacuum system.
  2. Welding of aluminum vacuum chamber technology.
  3. Vacuum material surface water outgassing research.
  4. Vacuum chamber glowing discharge cleaning research.
  5. Photon stimulated desorption (PSD) research.
  6. Joining of dissimilar material research.
  7. R&D of high heat load components.
  8. R&D of NEG coating system.
Vaccum chambers for straight, bending, and undulators.
Vacuum technology NEG coating
Vacuum technology CuCrZr development
Vacuum technolog of UHV component cleaning
Vacuum technology of thermal outgassing measurement
Measurement technology of thermal outgassing measurement
Measurement technology of photon stimulated desorption measurement
R&D and construction of TPS front end vacuum system
R&D and construction of beam position monitor component
R&D and construction of TPS front end interlock system
R&D and construction of pulse magnet vacuum system
Vacuum technology NEG coating
English NameJob Responsibilities
Chin-Chun Chang*
  • Manufacturing and welding for the aluminum alloy UHV chambers
  • Analysis of an aluminum alloy microstructure
  • Design of the TPS vacuum chambers
Che-Kai Chan
  • Design of the UHV system
  • Study of the  thermal outgassing 
  • Pressure profile calculation
  • Design of TPS vacuum system
Chia-Mu Cheng
  • TLS19B beamline manager
  • Desgin and construction of TPS booster vacuum system 
  • Vacuum pumps/gauges/RGAs performance test
  • Operation and maintenance of FE vacuum system
Chin Shueh
  • TPS FE vacuum system desgin and construction
  • Design of high heat load components
  • Non-Evaporable Getter (NEG) cotaing technology 
I-Chen Yang
  • Operation and maintenance of TLS storage ring vacuum systems
  • Vacuum performance test for TPS vacuum systems
  • TPS/TLS vacuum interlock systems
Jyun Yan Chuang
  • Assembly and vacuum test for the TPS Front End vacuum systems
  • Mechanical design and construction of supporting systems for TPS Front Ends
  • Development and test for the TPS Front End Interlock system
Yu-Tsun Cheng
  • TPS Front End Vacuum system assembly and test
  • Development of absorbers and high heat load components
Gao-Yu Hsiung
  • Design of accelerator ultrahigh vacuum system
  • Phenomena of photon stimulated desorption from aluminum surface
  • Applications of Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy
  • Design of TPS vacuum system
June-Rong Chen
  • TPS Engineering Design and Construction
Sung-De Yeh
  • Research and development substitute service
  • Study of thermal outgassing 
* Group Leader