HAXPES 2015 Welcome Remarks

Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (HAXPES) has been continuously evolving to become a promising new technique to tackle various challenging problems of materials in the past decade. Utilizing photon energies of about 2 to 15 keV the much increased inelastic mean free depth of photoelectrons about 30 to 100 Angstroms allows probing electronic structures deep in the bulk and buried interfaces which conventional VUV and Soft X-ray sources are difficult to cope with.

This five-day conference to be held at the NSRRC is to follow the tradition of the past conferences at ESRF (2003), SPring-8 (2006), NSLS (2009), DESY (2011) as well as Uppsala (2013) to get together researchers and interested users in this rapidly expanding field to present and discuss their recent results and future directions.

Welcome to Hsinchu in March.


Confirmed Speakers
Plenary Talks    
Ebert, Hubert Universität München Germany
Fadley, Chuck Univ. California at Davis and LBL USA
Rensmo, Håkan Uppsala University Sweden
Sekiyama, Akira Osaka University Japan
Simon, Marc Sorbonne Universites and SOLEIL France
Suga, Shigemasa Osaka University and MPI, Halle Japan, Germany
Tjeng, Liu Hao MPI, Dresden Germany
Invited Talks    
Balke, Benjamin Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz Germany
Calka, Pauline IHP Microelectronics Germany
Chainani, Ashish RIKEN SPring-8 Japan
Drube, Wolfgang DESY Germany
Gelmukhanov, Faris KTH Royal Institute of Technology Sweden
Kamiya, Toshio Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan
Kimura, Akio Hiroshima University Japan
Kobayashi, Keisuke JAEA SPring-8 Japan
Oura, Masaki RIKEN SPring-8 Japan
Sarma, D. D. Indian Institute of Science India
Schneider, Claus Forschungszentrum Juelich  Germany
Takagi, Yasumasa Institute for Molecular Science  Japan