Travel to NSRRC
Hsinchu, commonly known as the “Windy City,” is located in northwestern Taiwan, approximately 80 km south of the capital city, Taipei. Hsinchu is about 50 km from the TPE Airport , where most international flights land. There are two other international airports in Taiwan, TSA Airport in Taipei, and KHH Airport in Kaohsiung. There are several ways to get to Hsinchu from the Airports. If you will take public transportation, you can link or download the schedules below. You may use the Printable Bilingual Word Cards for communicating with drivers or asking for help. In case you need a taxi, it is advised to approach the taxi services at airports and train stations.

Public Transportation Schedules:
1. Ubus schedule
2. NSRRC shuttle bus schedule
3. Local train schedule
4. City Bus #81 schedule
5. HSP shuttle buses schedule
6. THSR shuttle bus schedule
7. Taiwan High Speed Rail: website, schedule
8. Taipei Metro: website, map
9. Kaohsiung Metro: website, map

TPE --- Hsinchu

TSA --- Hsinchu

KHH --- Hsinchu

Car Service Reservation
You can choose one of the following companies that provide car services. Each car service company has its rules and charges differently. Make sure you confirm the price and destination before your arrival. You need to make a reservation in advance. Fill in the Airport Car Service Reservation Form and Airport Pick-Up Sign, and make the reservation directly with a car service company via email. The driver will be waiting and holding the pick-up sign near the baggage claim exit. All prices listed below are based on the basic type of sedan. Please inquire the car companies for the prices of other types of vehicles. NSRRC provides only information and will not be responsible for contact, reservation and payment.

Darlon Hotel and Lakeshore Hotel both provide airport transportation services with an extra charge. Please see their hotel reservation forms.

TPE Airport – Hsinchu
Price Range (Sedan)
TPE → Hsinchu: NT$1,100 ~ 1,400
Hsinchu → TPE: NT$1,000 ~ 1,300
Badar Car Service Jia-Xing Car Service
Website: Website:
Email: Email:
Phone: +886-3-531-5492 Phone: +886-3-312-6622
Global Cooperation Jinchang Car Service
Website: Website:
Email: Email:
Phone: 0800-555-151 (toll free) Phone: +886-3-530-5222
An-Jie Car Service Yo-Shun Car Service
Website: Website:
Email: Email:
Phone: +886-952-111-190 Phone: 886-989-051-188

TSA Airport – Hsinchu
Price Range (Sedan)
TPE → Hsinchu: NT$1,400 ~ 1,600
Hsinchu → TPE: NT$1,300 ~ 1,600
Jia-Xing Car Service Sanling Car Service
Website: Website:
Email: Email:
Phone: +886-3-312-6622 Phone: +886-2-2595-3399