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Neutron Group

Name: 黃子晏( Tzu-Yen Huang )
EXT.: 7102
E-mail: huang.ty@nsrrc.org.tw
  • 2010 – 2015 Ph. D., Department of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2018 – present Assistant Scientist, Neutron Group, National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • 2016 – 2018 Postdoctoral Scholar, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Stanford University, CA, USA
  • 2015 – 2016 Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
  • ANSTO Neutron Reflectometer Station
Research Interests:
  • Organic semiconductor thin films
  • Thin film morphology of polymer blends
  • Electrochemical sensors
  • Neutron reflectometry and X-ray scattering techniques
Selected Publications: T. -Y. Huang§, F. A. Larrain§, C. H. Borca, C. Fuentes-Hernandez, H. Yan, S. A. Schneider, W. -F. Chou, V. A. Rodriguez-Toro, H.-G. Steinrück, C. Cao, C. D. Sherrill, B. Kippelen, M. F. Toney (§: Equal contribution), ”Morphology of organic semiconductors electrically doped from solution using phosphomolybdic acid”, Chemistry of Materials, 2019, 31, 6677-6683
  • T. -Y. Huang, H. Yan, M. Abdelsamie, V. Savikhin, S. A. Schneider, N. A. Ran, T. -Q. Nguyen, G. C. Bazan, M. F. Toney, ”Fullerene derivative induced morphology of bulk heterojunction blends: PIPCP:PC61BM”, RSC Advances, 2019, 9, 4106-4112
  • B. Xu, X. Yi, T. -Y. Huang, Z. Zheng, J. Zhang, A. Salehi, V. Coropceanu, C. H. Y. Ho, S. R. Marder, M. F. Toney, J. ‐L. Brédas, F. So, J. R. Reynolds, “Donor conjugated polymers with polar side chain groups: the role of dielectric constant and energetic disorder on photovoltaic performance”, Advanced Functional Materials, 2018, 28, 1803418
  • F. A. Larrain, C. Hernandez, W. –F. Chou, V. Rodriguez-Toro, T. –Y. Huang, M. F. Toney, B. Kippelen, “Stable solvent for solution-based electrical doping of semiconducting polymer films and its application to organic solar cells”, Energy & Environmental Science, 2018, 11, 2216-2224.
  • T. -Y. Huang, C. –W. Kung, Y. –T. Liao, S. –Y. Kao, M. Cheng, T. –H. Chang, J. Henzie, H. R. Alamri, Z. A. Alothman, Y. Yamauchi, K. –C. Ho, K. C. –W. Wu, “Enhanced charge collection in MOF‐525–PEDOT nanotube composites enable highly sensitive biosensing”, Advanced Science, 2017, 11, 1700261. (Front Cover)
  • H. –W. Chen, T. -Y. Huang, T. -H. Chang, Y. Sanehira, C. –W. Kung, C. –W. Chu, M. Ikegami, T. Miyasaka, K. –C. Ho, “Efficiency enhancement of hybrid perovskite solar cells with MEH-PPV hole-transporting layers on the cubic and planar absorber layers”, Scientific Reports, 2016, 6, 34319.
  • T. –H. Chang, C. –W. Kung, H. –W. Chen, T. –Y. Huang, S. –Y. Kao, H. –C. Lu, M. –H. Lee, K. M. Boopathi, C. –W. Chu, K. –C. Ho, “Planar heterojunction perovskite solar cells incorporating metal-organic framework nanocrystals”, Advanced Materials, 2015, 27, 7229–7235.
  • T. –Y. Huang, D. Patra, Y. –S. Hsiao, S. H. Chang, C. –G. Wu, K. –C. Ho, C. –W. Chu, “Efficient ternary bulk heterojunction solar cells based on small molecules only”, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2015, 3, 10512-10518.
  • Y. –L. Tsai, C. –T. Li, T. –Y. Huang, C. –T. Lee, C. –Y. Lin, C. –W. Chu, R. Vittal, K. –C. Ho, “Electrocatalytic SiC nanoparticles/PEDOT:PSS composite thin films as the counter electrodes of dye-sensitized solar cells”, ChemElectroChem, 2014, 1, 1031–1039. (Front cover)
  • T. –Y. Huang, C. -W. Kung, H. –Y. Wei, K. M. Boopathi, C. –W. Chu, K. –C. Ho, “A high performance electrochemical sensor for acetaminophen based on a rGO–PEDOT nanotube composite modified electrode”, Journal of Materials Chemistry A , 2014, 2, 7229-7237.
  • D. Patra§, T. -Y Huang§, C. –C. Chiang, R. O. V. Maturana, C. -W. Pao, K. –C. Ho, K. –H. Wei, C. –W. Chu (§: Equal contribution), “2-alkyl-5-thienyl-substituted benzo[1,2-b:4,5-b′]dithiophene-based donor molecules for solution-processed organic solar cells”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2013, 5, 9494-9500.
  • T. -Y. Huang, J.-H. Huang, H. -Y. Wei, K. -C. Ho, C. -W. Chu, “rGO/SWCNT composites as novel electrode materials for electrochemical biosensing”, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2013, 43, 173-179.
  • J.-H. Huang§, T. -Y. Huang§, H. -Y. Wei, K. -C. Ho, C. W. Chu (§: Equal contribution), “Wet-milled transition metal oxide nanoparticles as buffer layers for bulk heterojunction solar cells”, RSC Advances, 2012, 2, 7487-7491.