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Life Science Group

Name: 陳俊榮( Chun-Jung Chen )
EXT.: 7330
E-mail: cjchen@nsrrc.org.tw
Website: http://bionsrrc.nsrrc.org.tw/
  • B.S., Physics Department, National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan (1985-1989)
  • M. S., Institute of Life Sciences, National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan (1989-1991)
  • Ph. D., Department of Crystallography, University of Pittsburgh, U. S. A. (1994-1999)
  • Council Member, International Union of Crystallography (2022/06~)
  • Chairman, The Crystallographic Committee, Academia Sinica, Taipei, R.O.C. (2022/06~)
  • Council Member, Division of Physical Biology and Biological Physics (PBBP) of TPS (2022/02~)
  • Chairman, Taiwan Crystallographic Group (2021~)
  • Deputy Director (2018/08~2022/07)
  • Division Head, Scientific Research Division (2016/07~2018/07)
  • Division Head, Scientific Research Division (2012/07~2014/06)
  • Scientist, Life Science Group, Scientific Research Division, NSRRC (2011/01~)
  • Joint Professor, Dept. of Biological Science & Technology, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (2019/08~)
  • Joint Professor, Graduate Inst. of Applied Science and Technology, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (2019/08~)
  • Joint Professor, Dept. of Biotechnology and Bioindustry Sciences, National Cheng Kung University (2011/08~)
  • Joint Professor, Dept. of Physics, National Tsing Hua University (2011/08~)
  • Associate Scientist, Life Science Group, Research Division, NSRRC (2004/01-2010/12)
  • Joint Associate Professor, Institute of Biotechnology, National Cheng Kung University (2008/08~2011/07)
  • Joint Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics, National Tsing Hua University (2005/08~2011/07)
  • Joint Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics, National Tsing Hua University (2002/08-2005/07)
  • Part-time Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics, National Tsing Hua University (2001/08-2002/07)
  • Assistant Scientist, Biology Group, Research Division, NSRRC (2001/01-2003/12)
  • Postdoctoral fellow, Dept. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Univ. of Georgia, U.S.A. (1999/12-2000/10)
  • Laboratory of Protein Crystallography and Structural Biology
  • TPS 07A
  • SPring-8 BL44XU
Research Interests:
  • My research fields range from synchrotron X-ray protein crystallography to molecular biophysics, structural biology and biochemistry. The major research interest aims to study the structure and functional relationship of various proteins and biological assemblies, including viruses, membrane proteins, protein-DNA/RNA interactions, enzymes, and other functional important proteins related to diseases and drug discovery by protein crystallography (PX), X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS), circular dichroism (CD), small angle scattering (SAS) and Infarred spectra (IR) using synchrotron light source from NSRRC and SPring-8. In addition, we combines the X-ray methods with Cryo-EM as a complementary approach to measure the structures of biological macromolecular assemblies.

    In recent years and in the future, the research focuses on the structural and functional relationships between important membrane proteins, viruses, protein and nucleic acid complexes, as well as a long-term cooperation with the biotechnology industry for new drug development.

    Some specific targets are: the important membrane proteins and metalloproteins of sulfate-reducing bacteria to understand the life process mechanisms in anaerobic and aerobic environment; the proteins involved in cancer development and diseases; various viruses to elucidate the mechanisms of particle assembly and viral infection;  the membrane proteins accounting for the electron transfer chain, oxygen defense system and drug targets.

    In addition, many collaborative projects with domestic and international research institutes and universities have been carried out to study a number of proteins involved in diseases, medical application, drug design, venom toxicity, viral disease, catalysis, metabolism, etc. Another interest focuses on investigating the methodology for resolving the protein crystallization and phase problem in protein crystallography, which applies to obtain the correct phases routinely and efficiently for structure determination of biological macromolecules.

Selected Publications: For the complete list, please go to https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Chun-Jung_Chen2 or https://scholar.google.com.tw/citations?hl=zh-TW&user=oTFF8K0AAAAJ&view_op=list_works&sortby=pubdate or https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5157-4288
  • Chan, S. I.*, Chuankhayan, P., Nareddy, Pavan K., Tsai, I-K., Tsai, Y.-F., Chen, K. H.-C., Yu, S. S.-F.*, Chen, C-J.* “The mechanism of PQQ-dependent hydride transfer chemistry from spectroscopic and high-resolution X-ray structural studies of the methanol dehydrogenase from Methylococcus capsulatus (Bath)” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 143, 9, 3359-3372 (2021)
  • Guan, H. H., Huang, Y. H., Lin, E. S., Chen, C.-J.*, & Huang, C. Y.* “Plumbagin, a natural product with potent anticancer activities, binds to and inhibits dihydroorotase, a key enzyme in pyrimidine biosynthesis” Intl. J. Mol. Sci. 22(13), 6861 (2021)
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