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Protein Diffraction Group

Name: 簡玉成( Yuch-Cheng Jean )
EXT.: 7321
E-mail: ycjean@nsrrc.org.tw
Website: http://bionsrrc.nsrrc.org.tw
  • Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry, Tamkang University (1988)
  • M. S. in Inorganic Chemistry, Tamkang University (1984)
  • B. S. in Chemistry, National Cheng Kung University (1980)
  • Associate Research Scientist, National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (1992~)
  • Visiting Scientist, Biology Department and NSLS Beamline X12C, Brookhaven National Laboratory (1991-92)
  • Visiting Scientist, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1990-91)
  • BL13B1,BL13C1, BL15A1 and TPS 05A
Research Interests:
  • Technological and methodological development of protein crystallography
Selected Publications:
  • D. G. Liu, C. H. Chao, C. H. Chang, J. M. Juang, C. Y. Liu, C. F. Chang, C. C. Tseng, C. H. Chiang, C. K. Chou, Y. J. Chen, and Y. C. Jean, "Design Report of Protein Microcrystallography Beamline (TPS-05A)", NSRRC Technical Report, NSRRC-TR00210 (2013)
  • D. G. Liu, C. H. Chao, C. H. Chang, J. M. Juang, C. Y. Liu, C. F. Chang, C. H. Chiang, C. C. Tseng, C. K. Chou, Y. C. Jean, and S. C. Chung, "Conceptual Design Report of Micron X-ray Protein Crystallography Beamline", NSRRC Technical Report, NSRRC-NSRRC-TR00110 (2011)
  • Y. C. Jean, C. H. Chao, Y. S. Huang, C. C. Tseng, C. H. Chiang, T. L. Lee, C. J. Chen, L. J. Lai, S. C. Chung, G. Y. Hsiung, C. S. Huang, K. L. Tsang, and C. T. Chen, "Performance Of The High-Throughput Protein Crystallography Beamline BL13B1 At The NSRRC", AIP Conf. Proc. 879, 816 (2007)
  • Chun-Hsiung Chao, and Yuch-Cheng Jean, "Development and Prospect of Crystallography Beamlines and End Stations at NSRRC", Instruments Today, Vol. 27, No. 4, pp. 44-49 (2006)
  • Y. C. Jean, "The Synchrotron Radiation Protein Crystallography Facility at NSRR", NSRRC Activity Report 2004/2005 (Highlight), pp. 89-91 (2005)
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  • Ping-Chung Tseng, Chien-Hung Chang, Hok-Sum Fung, Chien-I Ma, Liang-Jen Huang, Yuch-Cheng Jean, Yen-Fang Song, Yu-Shan Huang, King-Long Tsang, and Chien-Te Chen, "Design of High-Throughput Biological Crystallography Beamline for Superconducting Wiggler", AIP Conf. Proc. 705, 408 (2004)
  • P. C. Tseng, Y. C. Jean, C. H. Chang, L. J. Huang, H. S. Fung, Y. F. Song, C. I. Ma, Y. S. Huang, F. Chao, C. J. Chen, and K. L. Tsang, "Conceptual design report for the high-throughput biological crystallography beamlines at the SRRC", SRRC Report, SRRC/RBM/IM/02-04 (2002)
  • Gau T-S, Jean Y-C, Liu K-Y, Chung C-H, Chen C-K, Lai S-C, Shu C-H, Huang Y-S, Chao C-H, Lee Y-R, Chen CT, and Chang S-L. "Soft X-ray diffractometer for synchrotron radiation" Nuclear Instruments & Methods A vol.466, pp.569-75 (2001)
  • S. L. Chang, C.-H. Chao, Y.-S. Huang, Y. C. Jean, H. S. Sheu, F,-J. Liang, H.-C, Chien, C.-K. Chen, and H. Yuan, "Quantitative Phase Determination for Macromolecular Crystals Using Stereoscopic Multibeam Imaging", Acta Cryst. A55, 933-938 (1999)
  • Y. C. Jean, C. H. Lee, K. L. Tsang, H. H. Hung, J. R. Chen, C. H. Hsu, L. Y. Jang, M. T. Tang, H. Y. Lee, H. S. Sheu, T. E. Dann, J. F. Lee, J. P. Wang, and S. L. Chang, "X-ray Wiggler Beamlines at SRRC", 2nd Conference of the Asian Crystallographic Association, p. 2C15 (1995)
  • Y. C. Jean, J. F. Lee, and S. W. Yang, "Studies of the Beryllium Window of SRRC Wiggler Beamline", SRRC Report, SRRC/USR/IM/93-01 (1993)
  • Y. C. Jean, Y. G. Gao, and A. H.-J. Wang, "Molecular Structure of Z-DNA of a Modified DNA Hexamer at 1.4 A Resolution: Aminohexyl-5'-d(pCpGpCpG[br5C]pG)", Biochemistry, 32, 381-388 (1993)