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Intrinsic Ferromagnetism and Anomalous Hall Effect in GaN Thin Film by Mn Delta Doping
P. V. Wadekar, Y.-T. Lin, C.-M. Lin, C.-W. Chang, Q. Y.-S. Chen, T.-C. Leung, C.-M. Cheng, and L.-W. Tu*
Compound semiconductors doped with magnetically active transition metals (TM) are actively pursued for semiconductor spintronics. Herein we report that delta doping (δ-doping) has been used to incorporate manganese (Mn) into the gallium nitride (GaN) matrix resulting in phase pure highly crystalline heteroepitaxial thin films of (Ga,Mn)N on c-plane sapphire (Al2O3) by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy. Magnetotransport measurements reveal the anomalous Hall effect (AHE) while magnetic measurements show the existence of ferromagnetic ordering. Density functional theory calculations show that δ-doping of Mn atom enables exchange interactions between the Mn 3d states and N 2p states thereby resulting in spin polarized holes in the valence band giving rise to observed AHE and ferromagnetism. This work opens new avenues for incorporating spin polarized carriers in III-nitrides based semiconductors by creating magnetically active Mn layers in heterostructures for spintronics applications.