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Popular Science, Table of Chemical Elements
NSRRC Takes You to Enjoy Popular Science - Make Periodic Table of Chemical Elements Simple and Interesting

To enable young students to be close to the science through diffenet perspectives and to acquire scientific knowledge in various fields, the Ministry of Science and Technology held a series of scientific activites “Kiss Science” for the 60th Annverisary. The National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC) held the "2019 TPS OPEN HOUSE" on August 24 (Saturday). This event coincided with the 150th Anniversary for the Invention of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements, and had a series of stage games focusing around the Periodic Table’s elements. Participants of all ages were able to learn about complex scientific knowledge by viewing the movie,"Aka's Adventure: The Secret of the Light" and catch a glimpse of TPS’ vast experimentation facilities.

There currently are 118 chemical elements that have been discovered in the periodic table. Scientists explore the characteristics of each chemical element and implement physical or chemical changes during the experiments through synchrotron radiation that is brighter than sunlight. These experimental results will allow scientists to have a better understanding of the natural phenomena and further to develop new materials. This OPEN HOUSE allows attendants to learn about the nature and uses of chemical elements through the interactions at 10 science stations and how the TPS magical light uncovers or alters the characteristics of the elements. Not only do these stations overturn general impressions of chemical elements being difficult to understand, they also help people understand the role of these chemical elements in daily life and allow everyone to unconsciously become “elemental connoisseurs” in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

The scientific experts of the NSRRC and the team from studio2, winners of the Golden Bell Awards’ Best Animation Programme, came together to collaborate on the popular science movie "Aka's Adventure: The Secret of the Light" that took more than 1,000 days to complete. The movie’s story is based around the cutting-edge scientific facility - TPS and depicts the incomprehensible process of scientific research to the audience through a vivacious story of adventure. As the movie’s protagonist “Aka” embarks on a journey to search for the Light of Healing, he experiences greed, attachment of family and the conflict between good and evil to eventually recover the key antidote: the “Accelerator Light Source.” This wonderful animation that educates people on science with entertaining effects. The animation brilliantly introduces the knowledge of the popular science such as light applications, medical technology and biological evolution to the audience, allowing the audience to establish foundations in science and stimulate children’s interest in scientific knowledge.

NSRRC not only focuses on innovative technology and scientific research, but also strives to distribute popular science. 2019 TPS OPEN HOUSE will take attendants to experience the joy of popular science through games, discover the relationship of chemical elements and our daily lives, and overturn the public’s stereotypical impression on learning science!