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Taiwan Photon Source, Open House
TPS Open House --Discovering Fun Science with Educational and Entertaining Explorations
The annual Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) Open House event of the NSRRC made a lively appearance on November 12 this year. The "Light Researchers" explained the magical light of the TPS and how it could help us to explore the world, from nanostructure to steel structure, guiding nearly 600 adults and children interested in science through a glimpse of the role of "light" in our daily life. Additionally, the NSRRC invited the Li Hongming Foundation, the NTHU THz Optics & Photonics Center and the National Taiwan Science Education Center to set up a couple of fun science booths and provide the public with more aspects of sciences and knowledge.

The Light Researchers designed 10 scientific game stations at the TPS for the Open House event. Through the interactive games or hands-on activities, it was easier for the public to understand how the magical light is produced, and how scientists use it to explore the chemical elements, physical materials or biological compositions. By making slight adjustments to the experiment, scientists may uncover a new substance, offering more insights to the workings of the nature. These tactics transformed the public's perception of the complex scientific concepts into the "magical light". The NSRRC is not only dedicated to the cutting-edge scientific research, but strives to bring science closer to the people, fostering a connection that bridges the gap between scientific knowledge and the public.
The NSRRC Open House attracted nearly 600 participants to visit the scientific game stations at the TPS.
The participants engaged in the DIY activities at the fun science booths.