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Site visit, legislator Yi-Hua Lin, Yi-Hua Lin, Hung-An Kao, Wan-Yu Wang, Minn-Tsong Lin
A Delegation Visit from Education and Culture Committee of Legislative Yuan on July 4
In response to a call made by Convener Yi-Hua Lin of the Education and Culture Committee of Legislative Yuan, Legislators Cheng-Chien Cheng, Hung-An Kao, Wan-Yu Wang and their colleagues conducted a site visit to the National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC) on July 4th.

The site visit hosted by the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology (MOST), Prof. Minn-Tsong Lin, began with welcome remarks from the NSRRC Director, Dr. Guo-Huei Luo, followed by an overview on NSRRC's operation and industrial application performance, given by Dr. Chun-Jung Chen and Dr. Bor-Yuan Shew, respectively. The delegation then went on a facility tour that showcased the accelerator model of the Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) and several TPS beamlines, including Protein Microcrystallography (TPS 05A), BioSAXS (TPS 13A), Coherent X-ray Scattering (TPS 25A), Soft X-ray Scattering (TPS 41A), and Taiwan-Germany collaborated Submicron Soft X-ray Spectroscopy (TPS 45A).

It was a great opportunity for the legislators, who oversee the national budget, to witness the fruitful outcomes resulting from government's budget support to the NSRRC. In the past decades, the NSRRC's advanced synchrotron facilities, have significantly facilitated fundamental scientific research, technology developments and industry applications, covering semiconductor, material analysis, biopharmaceutical, nano manufacturing. green energy, etc. As one of the brightest light sources in the world, NSRRC, with its pioneering capabilities, will continue to develop cutting edge technologies and to solve scientific challenges, keeping Taiwan at the forefront of global scientific research.

FB posts by Legislators after their visit:

The group photo of the delegation visit
A guided tour at TPS 25A Coherent X-ray Scattering