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NSRRC Shortlisted for Energy Saving Leadership Award
The MOEA Energy Saving Leadership Award review panel visited the NSRRC on July 20 for an on-site evaluation. Director Chia-Hung Hsu received recognition for NSRRC’s shortlisting for the award.
The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) established the "Energy Saving Leadership Award" to advocate energy-saving practices and acknowledge outstanding commitments to energy audit and management systems, energy efficiency, and carbon emission reduction, particularly during summertime. It is the highest domestic honor for energy conversation and carbon emission reduction initiatives. Among the six categories based on different types of organizations, NSRRC, placed in Category F, covering public administration, national defense, and education, impressively outperformed half of the other entries and was shortlisted for the award.

On July 20, the review panel visited the NSRRC for an on-site evaluation and presented recognition for making the shortlist. It is hoped that the NSRRC will stand out in the final review and be granted the opportunity to share energy-saving techniques and experiences, thereby facilitating a comprehensive transition towards net-zero energy consumption.