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synchrotron radiation, Taiwan Photon Source, projection X-ray microscope, transmission X-ray microscope
NSRRC Research Image Won a Merit Award in the 2022 Taiwan Microscope Image Contest
The award-winning image of the NSRRC Scientist Chien-Yu Lee: X-ray microscopic image for Blattodea.
The NSRRC Scientist Chien-Yu Lee used the TPS 31A to take images of Blattodea. The image won the merit award in the 2022 Taiwan Microscope Image Contest.

TPS 31A at the Taiwan Photo Source, which Lee used to accomplish the image, specializes in projection X-ray microscope (PXM) and transmission X-ray microscope (TXM). In the endstation, X-ray penetrates materials, and projected images can be displayed. After data analysis and processing, the surface and interior 3D structure of the sample can be reconstructed. It is particularly exceptional that the PXM can reach a spatial resolution of 0.5 μm, and 220 thousand images per second can be captured, depending on the samples. The sizes of the reconstructed images can be up to 300 mm x 70 mm. This endstation has been open for user service since the second half of year 2022.

Taiwan Microscope Image Contest, starting from the year 2021, aims to show the colorful and ever-changing microscopic world through microscopic images, and to explore the intersection of science and aesthetics. This year there were nearly 100 entries; the judges selected ten outstanding photographic works which not only demonstrated technical and academic value but also expressed artistic attractiveness. A free exhibition of the award-winning works at Olympus Plaza Taipei will be open and accessible to the public between November 5 and 27.