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Operando, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, redox mediator, metal complex
NSRRC Scientist Yan-Gu Lin’s Collaborative Research Highlighted as a Cover of ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
The collaborative research from NSRRC scientists Yan-Gu Lin and Chao-Lung Chiang as well as NSRRC user Chi-Jung Chang was highlighted in the cover of ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. The image illustrated the role of redox mediators monitored by operando synchrotron X-ray spectroscopy.
A collaborative research team led by Dr. Yan-Gu Lin and Dr. Chao-Lung Chiang of the NSRRC as well as Prof. Chi-Jung Chang of Feng Chia University used the experimental facilities at the NSRRC to monitor in operando the reaction mechanism of metal complex/ZnS photocatalysts. The research results were published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces and were featured as the inside front cover of the issue.
The research team reported the development of ZnS/metal complex photocatalysts and their improved photocatalytic activity toward H2 generation. The hydrogen production rate was enhanced significantly and the maximum rate achieved 8,150 μmol
h–1 g–1. Furthermore, the team employed operando experimental technique at TLS 17C1 to investigate the charge carrier dynamics of photocatalysis and to explain how the macrocyclic metal complex acted as a redox mediator. Their findings provide new insights for understanding the roles of redox mediators.