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Di-Jing Huang, Physical Review X, superconducting cuprates, quantum critical point
NSRRC Distinguished Scientist Di-Jing Huang’s Research Team Reveals Evidence for the Quantum Critical Point in Superconducting Cuprates
Dr. Di-Jing Huang’s research team reveals evidence for the quantum critical point in superconducting cuprates by using the resonant inelastic X-ray experimental facilities at the Taiwan Photon Source.
An international collaborative research team led by Di-Jing Huang, a Distinguished Scientist of the NSRRC, reveals evidence for the quantum critical point in superconducting cuprates. The research results were published in the prestigious journal Physical Review X on November 23, 2021.

The mechanism underlying high-temperature superconductivity in copper oxides—cuprates—has long remained a mystery. Using the experimental results conducted at TPS 41A, mainly by Hsiao-Yu Huang and Amol Singh, the team applies high-resolution X-ray scattering measurements and theoretical calculations through a diagrammatic framework to investigate the quantum fluctuations of charge-density waves in superconducting cuprates. Their research results provide evidence relating to the quantum critical point associated with charge order. These findings will present the physics community with a path toward better understanding the mystery of high-temperature superconductivity.