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The Polymer Society, Service Award
NSRRC Researcher U-Ser Jeng Received an Honor for his Services to the Polymer Society
NSRRC researcher U-Ser Jeng received an honor for his services to the Polymer Society. In the photo are his team members.
The 2021 Online Conference of the Polymer Society Taipei, which was originally named the 2021 Annual Conference of the Polymer Society Taipei, was held on July 9 and 10. During the conference, Dr. U-Ser Jeng of the NSRRC received an honor for his services to the Polymer Society in Taiwan.

Dr. Jeng has contributed to the research, development and application of small-angle X-ray scattering beamlines and instruments over the past 18 years at the NSRRC. As the studies on polymer composites became popular among domestic researchers, the techniques provided immediate investigation into the nanoscale structures and kinetic process of polymer crystallization. Later, the studies on polymer thin-film solar cells sprang up, and the technique and data analysis methods of grazing-incidence small/wide-angle X-ray scattering developed by Dr. Jeng became a boost to users. These techniques have facilitated domestic research a lot on nanostructures of polymer thin films and helped to gain competitive advantage over international rivals.