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Highly Cited Researchers, 2019, Clarivate Analytics, Web of Science, Ying-Hao Chu, Ru-Shi Liu
NSRRC Users, Prof. Ying-Hao Chu and Prof. Ru-Shi Liu Named Highly Cited Researchers 2019
21 Essential Science Indicator (ESI) fields
The Web of Science Group, a Clarivate Analytics company, unveiled its latest annual list of Highly Cited Researchers. The 2019 list features 6,216 Highly Cited Researchers from across the world, including two NSRRC users in Cross-Field Category: Prof. Ying-Hao Chu in Materials Science and Engineering of National Chiao Tung University, and Prof. Ru-Shi Liu in Chemistry of National Taiwan University.

Known for his expertise in the application and analysis of multiferroic materials, Prof. Chu was recognized globally, for the fourth time (2014, 2016, 2018 and 2019), as one of the Highly Cited Researchers. He boldly proposed the coexistence of ferroelectricity and magnetism in two-dimensional multiferroic materials that are just a few atomic layers thick; it has been rarely verified in experiments. He has also adopted muscovite to replace pricy graphene; this approach has become a key feature of his ongoing research.

Prof. Liu made the prestigious list for two years in a row (2018 and 2019). Being a remarkable inorganic material chemist, he has devoted himself to the field of green energy for more than 30 years by developing the core technology of materials chemistry. His extensive experiences and outstanding achievements in both academia and industry are internationally renowned.

Highly Cited Researchers from Clarivate Analytics is an annual list representing scientists and social scientists who have demonstrated significant influence through publication of multiple papers ranking in the top 1% by citations for their field and year of publication. The list focuses on contemporary research accomplishments in the 21 Essential Science Indicator (ESI) fields: only highly cited papers indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection (SCIE and SSCI)* over the past 11 years. In 2018 Cross-Field Category was introduced to identify researchers whose papers have influentially contributed across several different fields but are not top-ranked in a single field.

*SCIE: Science Citation Index Expanded; SSCI: Social Science Citation Index