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Taiwan Outstanding Women in Science, Yuh-Ju Sun
NSRRC User, Dr. Yuh-Ju Sun Won 2024 Taiwan Outstanding Women in Science Award
The “Taiwan Outstanding Women in Science Award,” jointly established by Wu Chien-Shiung Education Foundation and L’Oreal Taiwan, announced its 2024 recipients on March 9th. The highest honor, the "Outstanding Award," was awarded to Prof. Sun Yuh-Ju, a chair professor at National Tsing Hua University and an NSRRC user.

The Taiwan Outstanding Women in Science Award aims to acknowledge the contributions of female scientists, inspiring greater participation of women in scientific research and fostering gender equality and diversity within the scientific community.

Prof. Sun has made significant contributions to the study of membrane protein structure and function. Over the years, she has utilized the NSRRC's X-ray diffraction technique and published numerous findings. Her notable achievements include resolving the molecular structure of "phosphate transporter membrane proteins," identifying mutation sites related to basal ganglia calcification linked to dementia, and advancing Alzheimer's disease treatment. Additionally, she reported the first crystal structure of a membrane-embedded H+-translocating pyrophosphatase, with wide-ranging applications in drug design, crop improvement, and bioenergy. These findings, published in leading international journals, have garnered significant recognition globally.