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Taiwan Association for Magnetic Technology, Magnetism Prize, insertion device
NSRRC Magnet Group Received Magnetism Prize from Taiwan Association for Magnet Technology
The Magnet Group of the NSRRC is the top research team for accelerator magnets in Taiwan. The team specializes in the design and development of new-type magnets and insertion devices. Their excellent performance won recognition from the Taiwan Association for Magnetic Technology (TAMT) and was awarded “Magnetism Prize for Outstanding Research” during the 2022 TAMT Annual Meeting (August 24-26).

In the past 10 years, the team has designed and constructed various magnets which were installed in the third-generation synchrotron radiation facilities, such as Taiwan Light Source and Taiwan Photon Source. These magnets included lattice magnets and insertion devices, which were known as wigglers and undulators, that were used for generating brilliant X-rays. The magnets and insertion devices, manufactured by domestic companies, were also designed and commissioned by the team. The high performance and high precision of these magnets were demonstrated and tested when they were commissioned in the accelerator. Moreover, the team constructed special magnets and insertion devices for several domestic and international institutions. The number of patents for new inventions, obtained in Taiwan, US, Japan and Europe, continues increasing. The NSRRC Magnet Group has made considerable contributions in enhancing the magnetic technologies in Taiwan as a result.