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NSRRC Preventative Measures for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic  
(Effective on 2021/05/31, adjusted whenever necessary.)
NSRRC Preventative Measures for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic
(Effective on 2021/05/31, adjusted whenever necessary.)

* NSRRC will uphold any and all measures announced by Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) when tackling conditions not addressed in this document.

Access Control for Users
1. All experiments will be conducted through mail in and remote access. Please contact the beamline spokespersons for all necessary arrangements and preparations.
2. Those who have been given special permission to enter the NSRRC should STILL follow the instruction below to submit entry application.
(1) Please submit you Contact Tracing Form (Form 1) to corresponding spokesperson(s), and email your Health Declaration Form (Form 2) to the User Administration and Promotion Office ( for reviewing your application before noon on the previous day prior to your arrival.
(2) Each case will be reviewed by the Epidemic Prevention Team based on the following criteria:
i. Entry will be permitted if the applicant did not go to any hotspot and was not in close contact with any infected/quarantined/monitored case in the past 7 days prior to your entry.
ii. Entry will be permitted from the 8th day after the applicant's last visit of a hotspot or close contact with an infected/quarantined/monitored case.
*Please refer to the hotspots in this link.

1. No entry is allowed before the entry application is approved. The NSRRC is not responsible for any losses (including beamtime) incurred by users if the application was not submitted on time.
2. It is required to scan the QR code to link and complete the Contact Information Form (Form 3) at the NSRRC main gate before your entry. You are required to monitor and record your temperature daily when inside the NSRRC; please use the attached Form 4 and hand it in to the User Administration & Promotion Office on the day before you finish the experiment and leave the NSRRC.
3. If shutdown of TLS/TPS operation is announced, the above access control for users will not be applicable. All users shall not be permitted to enter the NSRRC during shutdown. Any special request should be reviewed and handled by beamline spokespersons and the Epidemic Prevention Team.
4. All measures will be continuously adjusted according to the government’s policies. We will do our best to keep you updated. NSRRC reserves the right of final interpretation for the content hereinabove.