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NSRRC Relaxes COVID-19 Control Measures
(Applicable to every person on the NSRRC campus from February 23, 2023 onwards.)
NSRRC Relaxes COVID-19 Control Measures
Applicable to every person on the NSRRC campus from February 23, 2023 onwards.

The measures that are not specified by the NSRRC shall be taken in compliance with the government's policies and regulations.

1. NSRRC Guesthouse is reopen to the public. (See the NSRRC Guesthouse policies.)
Those who are confirmed as a COVID-19 case during the stay at the NSRRC Guesthouse should notify
         your NSRRC host/beamline contact promptly. They will assist with meal delivery and necessary
         medical care. 
  2) The government will no longer pay for the COVID-19 related medical expenses for non-nationals. It is
      strongly suggested that all non-nationals should purchase necessary health insurance before arrival.

2. You must have a valid user card/visitor badge to swipe into permitted areas.

From March 6, 2023 onwards, the NSRRC cafeteria will be reopen to the public and will resume self-service buffets. It is still required to wear a mask in the cafeteria when not eating.

NSRRC reserves the right of final interpretation for the content hereinabove, and will uphold any and all measures announced by the Government when tackling conditions not addressed in this document.