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Prof. Ming-Hon Hou, Prof. Shan-Hui Hsu, Associate Prof. Yi-Tsu Chan, Prof. Nei-Li Chan, 2020 MOST Outstanding Research Award
Congratulations to NSRRC Users, Prof. Ming-Hon Hou, Prof. Shan-Hui Hsu, Associate Prof. Yi-Tsu Chan and Prof. Nei-Li Chan for Winning the 2020 MOST Outstanding Research Award
The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) recently announced the awardees of the 2020 MOST Outstanding Research Award. There are four NSRRC users among them: Prof. Ming-Hon Hou, Prof. Shan-Hui Hsu, Associate Prof. Yi-Tsu Chan and Prof. Nei-Li Chan.

Prof. Ming-Hon Hou from Department of Life Sciences of National Chung Hsing University specializes in protein engineering, structural biology, drug design and biophysics. Prof. Shan-Hui Hsu is a Distinguished Professor at the Institute of Polymer Science and Engineering of National Taiwan University; she is an active researcher in the fields of biomaterials, polyurethane, tissue engineering, and nanomaterials. Associate Prof. Yi-Tsu Chan from Chemistry Department of National Taiwan University has expertise in inorganic, organic and polymer chemistry. Prof. Nei-Li Chan, the Chairman for Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of National Taiwan University College of Medicine and also an Adjunct Researcher of the NSRRC, has expertise in structural biology, macromolecular X-ray crystallography, protein structure and function, and biochemistry. They have demonstrated persistence, innovation and dedication to research, and have stood out from numerous outstanding scholars and researchers.

The Ministry of Science of Technology has established the "MOST Outstanding Research Award" for rewarding scientific and technological talents having outstanding research performance, thereby encouraging them to devote themselves to a career of fundamental or applied research to strength Taiwan's scientific performance and academic status in the international community. This will facilitate the social development and industrial application while highlighting diverse value of Taiwan's research efforts, which will ultimately boost the country's technological capacity. This award is given under two categories: "fundamental research" and "applied research", aiming to recognize researchers who have tackled scientific issues and strived for technological innovation.