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「2021年光環論文獎」受理申請公告Call for Applications: 2021 NSRRC Outstanding Paper Award
Call for Applications: 2021 NSRRC Outstanding Paper Award
Established by the National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC), the NSRRC Outstanding Paper Award (the Award) aims to advance science in the field of synchrotron radiation in Taiwan, as well as recognizing the high-impact publications resulting from using NSRRC experimental facilities, including the Taiwan Beamlines at SPring-8. 

獎勵名額與獎金 (Prize)
Each year ONE publication is awarded. However, no award will be issued if no submission stands out. The prize consisting of TWD 300,000 and a certificate will be given out at that year’s Users’ Meeting.

獎勵類別 (Award Category)
Publications in the field of “Application Sciences,” including materials, nanometers, optoelectronics, energy, and accelerator/beamline engineering technology, will be accepted in 2021.

獎勵對象 (Applicant Eligibility)
1.    申請人須為本中心之國內外用戶或同仁;
2.    申請人現職為國內外大專院校或研究機構之師生或研發人員。
       Applications are open to those who are 
1.    an NSRRC user/staff;
2.    AND a student/professor/scientist at a university or a research institute from all around the world.

申請條件 (Application Requirements)
1.    利用本中心所屬光源實驗設施(含SPring-8台灣光束線)所發表之論文
2.    申請人為該論文之第一作者通訊作者
3.    八年內於國際學術期刊公開發表之具高影響力論文,對該領域有重大影響力、原創性與突破性。2021年度受理申請之論文,應為2013年1月1日至2020年12月31日期間發表。
4.    申請人應取得該論文其他共同作者之書面授權書,同意由申請人代表申請與受獎。
5.    申請人每年度僅能提出一篇論文,已獲此獎項之論文不得再次申請。
6.    申請人於十年內獲本獎項至多一次。
1.    The submitted publication shall result from using NSRRC experimental facilities, including the Taiwan Beamlines at SPring-8.
2.    The applicant must be the first author or the corresponding author of the submitted publication. 
3.    The submitted publication must be of high impact, innovative, and/or groundbreaking and published in an international scientific journal within the past 8 years. Publications submitted for the 2021 Award shall be published between 2013/01/01 and 2020/12/31. 
4.    The applicant shall have all co-authors of the publication sign the Consent Form, and obtain their permission to be the submitting author and the recipient of the Award.
5.    Only one submission per applicant per year. A winning publication cannot be submitted again.
6.    No applicant can win more than once in a 10-year period.

申請時間 (Application Period)
From 2021/01/01 to 2021/02/28, midnight (UTC+8).

申請方式 (Application Submission)
Please complete the application ONLINE before the deadline. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted. For more details, please see “Eligibility Requirements and Selection Criteria of the NSRRC Outstanding Paper Award” at the Award website (

聯絡資訊 (Contact Us)
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