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Nature, Caner Akıl, Robert C. Robinson, TPS 05A
First Nature Paper from TPS

NSRRC users, Prof. Robert C. Robinson and Dr. Caner Akil, investigated genomes of Asgard archaea, using TPS 05A – Protein Microcrystallography beamline. A native Loki profilin-1 dataset from a single P21 frozen crystal (100 K) was collected to 1.6 Å resolution on a RAYONIX MX-300 HS CCD detector on beamline TPS 05A controlled by BLU-ICE (version 5.1) at λ = 1.0 Å. Their team shows that Asgard archaea encode functional profilins and thereby establish that this archaeal superphylum has a regulated actin cytoskeleton, one of the hallmarks of the eukaryotic cell. Their study was published in <em>Nature</em> on October 3, 2018. They acknowledge the experimental facility and the technical services provided by the Synchrotron Radiation Protein Crystallography Facility of the National Core Facility Program for Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, and the National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center.