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Presentation Files of the OLAV IV Workshop, April 1--4, 2014, NSRRC, Hsinchu, TAIWAN
Tuesday, 1 April, 2014
Session 1 - Latest developments at Institutes - Moderator - Peter Ladd
08:45 Commissioning of NSLS-II Vacuum Systems S011 Hsiao-Chaun Hseuh, BNL
09:15 Overview of the latest developments at Daresbury Laboratory S012 Joe  Herbert , STFC Daresbury Laboratory
09:45 Accelerator Vacuum Systems at DESY S013 Lutz Lilje, DESY
Session 2 - Accelerator Systems, Control and Interlocking Systems - Moderator - Hsiao-Chaun Hseuh
10:30 Construction of Large Accelerator Systems  (Invited) S021 June-Rong Chen, NSRRC 
11:15 In-house development of PLC controlled vacuum systems for experimental stations at Diamond Light Source S022 Sol Omolayo, Diamond Light Source 
11:30 Vacuum Control System for SuperKEKB S023 Shinji Terui, KEK
11:45 Construction and Installation of the TPS Vacuum System S024 Gao-Yu  Hsiung , NSRRC 
Session 3 - Latest developments at Institutes - Moderator - Gao-Yu Hsiung
14:00 Design the vacuum system for a new ESRF Storage Ring  (Invited) S031 Michael  Hahn , ESRF 
14:45 Incorporating Various Insertion Devices into the NSLS II Storage Ring S032 Charles Hetzel, BNL
15:00 Vacuum System for CESR South Arc Upgrade S033 Xianghong Liu, Cornell University
15:15 Vacuum design for the Double-Double Bend Achromat (DDBA) modification to the Diamond Storage Ring S034 Matthew  Cox , Diamond Light Source 
Session 4 - Operational issues and long term experiences - Moderator - Marcelo Ferreira
16:00 Corrosion of BeCu and Vacuum Setback in Fermilab Main Injector S041 Alex  Chen, FNAL
16:30 Go/no go test for the acceptance of unbaked vacuum components S042 Paolo Chiggiato, CERN
16:45 LHC insulation vacuum system: consolidation activities and leaks follow-up during the first LHC long shutdown S043 Jaime Perez-Espinos, CERN
17:00 Problems of measuring magnetic permeability of vacuum chambers S044 Andreas  Kraemer , GSI
17:15 The way to the comb-type RF gate valves and the actual status S045 Kurt Sonderegger, VAT Vakuumventile AG
Wednesday, 2 April, 2014
Session 5 - Vacuum failures & recovery procedures - Moderator - Marcelo Ferreira
08:30 Three years of LHC operation: what went wrong, what was really successful, and lessons for the future.  (Invited) S051 Vincent Baglin, CERN
09:15 Status of the vacuum system on the SOLEIL storage ring: failures and way to face these problems with regards to users operations S052 Nicolas  Béchu  , Synchrotron SOLEIL
09:30 Construction Status of SuperKEKB Vacuum System S053 Kyo Shibata, KEK
Session 6 - Advances in vacuum technology, XFEL - Moderator - Hsiao-Chaun Hseuh
10:30 ALICE Operational Experience at Daresbury Laboratory S061 Keith  Middleman , STFC Daresbury Laboratory
11:00 Concept and Design of the Photon Vacuum System for the European XFEL S062 Martin Dommach, European XFEL
11:15 Status of PAL-XFEL Vacuum System S063 Donghyun Na, PAL
11:30 LCLS-II Vacuum System S064 Marcelo Juni Ferreira, SLAC
11:45 The operation conditions of BEPCII vacuum system S065 Dizhou Guo, IHEP
Thursday, 3 April, 2014
Session 7 - Advances in vacuum technology, NEG & coatings - Moderator - Joe Herbert
08:30 Production and operation of NEG thin film coatings: from the LHC to next-generation synchrotron-light sources  (Invited) S071 Paolo Chiggiato, CERN
09:15 A novel class of Non Evaporable Getter (NEG) alloys with lower hydrogen equilibrium pressure and reduced outgassingt properties S072 Paolo  Manini, SAES Getters SpA
09:30 Radiation damage issues related to NEG coating S073 Christian  Herbeaux, Synchrotron SOLEIL
09:45 Testing of the NEXTorr pump at Daresbury Laboratory S074 Mark Pendleton, STFC Daresbury Laboratory
Session 8 - Advances in vacuum technology, critical components - Moderator - Paolo Chiggiato
10:25 Tests for High Voltage & Vacuum of the 2nd 500 kV DC Gun at KEK  (Invited) S081 Masahiro Yamamoto, KEK
11:10 Vacuum System of ERL High Voltage DC Gun at Cornell S082 Xianghong Liu, Cornell University
11:40 Design of Beam Collimators for SuperKEKB S083 Takuya Ishibashi, KEK
11:55 Development of the new-type ceramic chamber S084 Ling-Hui Wu, NSRRC 
Session 9 - Operational issues and long term experiences - Moderator - Joe Herbert
14:00 Diamond Light Source vacuum systems: the first seven years of user operations S091 Matthew  Cox , Diamond Light Source 
14:30 Simulating 20 years of the ESRF storage ring vacuum S092 Hugo Pedroso Marques, ESRF 
14:45 The First 3 Years of Operation of PLS-II Vacuum System S093 Taekyun Ha, PAL
15:00 The Vacuum System Designs Of A New Versatile Electron Linear Accelerator (VELA) and the Compact Linear Advanced Research Accelerator (CLARA) at Daresbury Laboratory S094 Keith  Middleman , STFC Daresbury Laboratory
15:15 CERN vacuum system activities during the first long shutdown: the LHC's injector chain. S095 José Antonio Ferreira Somoza, CERN
Session 10 - Outgassing of Materials - Moderator - Paolo Chiggiato
16:00 On the understanding of the pressure bump S101 Ken-ichi Kanazawa, KEK
16:30 Outgassing rate measurements according to a modified throughput method S102 Katharina Battes, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
17:00 How to deal with the large outgassing rates due to large surface areas in kickers and other devices? S103 Andreas  Kraemer , GSI
17:15 The pressure build-up test of the 14 m-long one cell in Taiwan Photon Source S104 Ling-Hui Wu, NSRRC 
Friday, 4 April, 2014
Session 11 - Pressure Measurements and RGA - Moderator - Hsiao-Chaun Hseuh
08:30 Partial Pressure Analysis for Large Vacuum Systems  (Invited) S111 Robert Ellefson, REVac Consulting
09:10 Discussions D111 Robert Ellefson, REVac Consulting
09:15 Comparison of ion trap and quadrupole for residual gas analysis S112 Marcelo Juni Ferreira, SLAC
09:30 Comparative measurements using ion trap and quadrupole ‘RGA’ from 10-9 to 10-5 mbar S113 Mark Pendleton, STFC Daresbury Laboratory
09:45 How many vacuum gauges are necessary for a ring? S114 Ken-ichi Kanazawa, KEK
10:00 Remote Operation of Vacuum Quality Monitors in Radiation Environments Reaches New Lengths S115 Steve Lass, Brooks Automation
11:30 Next : OLAV V --- 2017 at DESY, Germany D116 Organization Committee