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Press Release describes activities of scientific research or facility changes.
Dino Rib Bones Reveals Remnants of 195-million-year-old Collagen Protein 2017/02/07
Max Planck–NSRRC/NCTU/NTHU Center for Complex Phase Materials to be established in Taiwan by the Max Planck Society 2017/01/04
President Tsai Inaugurated the Dedication Ceremony of Taiwan Photon Source 2016/09/29
  The Ceremony Officially Made the Facility Available to Researchers Worldwide
NSRRC to Collaborate with NTHU 2016/08/09
  The Prime Location as the Key to Pushing Both Sides Further
Premier Lin and MOST Minister Yang Visit Taiwan Photon Source 2016/07/19
  Fundamental Science Boosting Five Major Innovative Industries
Dating with the Dinosaur 2016/06/30
  Science Speeches for General Public and Fossil Exhibition
Organic Molecules Exist on Pluto’s Surface 2016/06/03
  New Evidences Found Using Synchrotron Light Source
NSRRC and NCKU Sign MOU to Develop Scientific Research 2016/04/27