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Radiation & Operation Safety Division
Name: 劉志青( Chih-Ching Liu )
EXT.: 3342
E-mail: joseph@nsrrc.org.tw
  • National Tsin-Hua University, Nuclear Engineering Dept., BS, 1986
  • Texas A&M University, Health Physics Dept., MS, 1991
  • CITI Corporation, Project Coordinator, (1986~1987,1991~1992)
  • NSRRC, Assistant Scientist, (1992~2006)
  • NSRRC, Assocaite Engineer, (2007~)
Selected Publications:
  1. J.C. Liu, et al., "NSRRC Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) Synchrotron Accelerator Radiation Safety Operation Procedures ", 2008.
  2. J.C. Liu, C. R. Chen, S. P. Kao, F. D. Chang, R. J. Sheu, " Conceptual Design of Radiation Safety System for Taiwan Photon Source ", Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Radiation Safety at Synchrotron Radiation Sources, Saskatoon, Canada, p61-p65, 2007.
  3. J.C. Liu, R. J. Sheu, J. P. Wang, C. R. Chen, F. D. Chang, and S. P. Kao, “Safety Upgrades for NSRRC Beamlines in the Upcoming Top-Up Operation”, Radiation Measurements Vol. 41(2), S242-S246, 2007.
  4. J.C. Liu, "Recommendations for NSRRC BL23 Shielding Design", NSRRC Internal Report, NSRRC-TR00011, 2006.
  5. J.C. Liu, "Safety training handbook", July 2001 .
  6. J.C. Liu, J.P. Wang, C.R. Chen, R.J. Sheu, Y.K. Lan, F.D. Chang, S.H. Jiang, "The Interlock System of SRRC Electron Accelerator: On the Aspects of Radiation Safety", International Conference on Radiation Dosimetry and Safety, Taipei, Taiwan (p471-474), 1997.