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Scientific Research Division
Division Head Hwo-Shuenn Sheu
Deputy Division Head: Wei-Tsung Chuang 
Mei-Ying Huang

In addition to providing high-quality photon sources and related facilities, the goal of NSRRC is to lead innovative research programs in sub-fields of physics, chemistry, materials science and life science, etc. NSRRC has established the Scientific Research Division since 2008 to develop and perform the cutting-edge scientific research using the state-of-the-art technologies and facilities related to synchrotron radiation. The current scientific activities of this Division include the molecular science, imaging science, surfaces/thin films, condensed-matter physics, materials chemistry, materials physics, energy science, life science, medical science, neutron project and other synchrotron-applied fields. Under the Division with Division Head and Deputy Head, there are presently 6 groups with Group Leaders, Principle Investigators, Scientists, Post-doc Researchers, Research Assistants, carrying out the diverse research fields with their scientific expertise and advanced research facilities. The detailed information of personnel with research interests in each group is given in the following.

Divided Into:
Molecular Science Group
Nano Science Group
Condensed Matter Physics Group
Materials Science Group
Life Science Group
Neutron Group
Experimental Technique Group
Beamline Group
X-ray Absorption Group
X-ray Scattering Group
Protein Diffraction Group
SPring-8 Group
Industrial Application Office
Biomedical Molecular Imaging Group