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Scientific Research Division > Materials Science Group Group Members 
The group gathered many distinguished experts engaged in cutting-edge research in the design, development, and application of synchrotron X-ray techniques, involving X-ray scattering, multiple diffraction, powder diffraction, temporal coherent X-ray diffraction, and submicron X-ray diffraction etc., for advanced materials. Each group member maintains his or her own research team focusing on their particular area of expertise. There are five overreaching research themes prevalent in the group:
  • New experimental techniques and analytic methods for X-ray diffraction
  • Crystallography in materials science
  • Growth mechanism of thin films
  • Structural characteristics and properties of soft materials
  • Design of nanomaterials for energy devices
English NameResearch InterestsEXT.E-mail
Wei-Tsung Chuang
  • Polymer Crystallization
  • Structure and Phase Transition in Soft Materials
  • Self-Assembly of Supramolecular Block Copolymer
Chia-Hung Hsu
  • Thin film growth mechanism and structural properties of ultra-thin epitaxial films and various nano-materials
Ching-Shun Ku
  • Oxide-based II-VI & III-V compounds growth by Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)
  • Structural and optical properties characterization of thin films by x-ray scattering
  • In-situ X-ray scattering
Ching-Yu Chiang
  • Crystalline structure and electronic properties of thin-film solar cell and Li-ion battery materials
Chung-Kai Chang
  • Research Assistant
Hsin-Yi Lee
  • Real-time X-ray scattering study of growth mechanism of thin-film materials
  • Structural study of nano epitaxial thin-film and interface
  • Growth of pervoskite type oxide superlattice by RF sputtering
  • Development of multiferroic superlattice structures with RF magnetron sputtering
  • Epitaxial growth of ZnO-based optical materials by atomic layer deposition (ALD)
Hwo-Shuenn Sheu
  • Nonambient Crystallography
  • Structure Determination from Powder Diffraction Data
  • Structural studies of Nano Materials
Kueih-Tzu Lu*
  • Photoionization dissociation dynamic
  • Photoelectron spectroscopy
  • Photoionization mass spectroscopy
  • Photon-stimulated ion desorption
  • Pulsed laser deposition of epitaxial thin films
Liang Ching Hsu
  • Environmental soil chemistry
  • Soil mineralogy
Po-Yang Peng
  • Catalysts fabrication and its applications
  • Porous material fabrication and its applications
  • Electrochemical analysis
Shang-Jui Chiu
  • Structural characterization and stress
  • strain state of epitaxial-growth thin films using X-ray related techniques
Wei-Rein Liu
  • Crystal defect structure and growth mechanism of epitaxial film by using X-ray related technique
  • Application of scanning probe microscopy on crystal defect structure and related physical properties
  • Physics of optoelectronic Semiconductor and optical characteristics
Yan-Gu Lin
  • Energy Materials
  • Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Generation
  • Heterogeneous Catalysis
  • Electrochemical Capacitor
  • Fuel Cells
Yen-Chung Lai
  • X-ray single crystal diffraction
  • Neutron diffraction
  • Single crystal growth
Ying-Yi Chang
  • X-ray dynamical diffraction and X-ray multi-beam diffraction
  • X-ray resonator and curved multi-plate crystal cavity
Yu-Chun Chuang
  • X-ray crystallography and crystal engineering
  • Charge density analysis from high resolution X-ray diffraction data
  • Spin crossover materials
Rong-Hao Guo
Shih-Lin Chang
  • Condense Matter Physics and Crystallography
Chia-Hsien Lin
Bo Hao Chen
  • TPS 19A beamline construction and TPS 09A HRPXRD programming
Dong -Ying Wu
*Group Leader