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NSRRC provides high-quality synchrotron radiation (SR) as the light source for scientific research. Based on SR-related technologies, we also try to help upgrading the competition strength of domestic industry. The spectrum of SR light source covers from IR to hard X-ray, and SR is a light source with characteristics of high intensity, continuous spectrum, high collimation, polarization, and time-resolved structure. Compared with other analytical techniques, SR-related technologies are especially for ultra thin, trace concentration, small selected area and in-situ analysis. SR technologies have been widely used in the industries of semiconductor, Li-ion cell, solar cell, catalysis, petroleum, steel, polymer, drug, biology, chemistry, micro/nanofabrication etc.. This group is responsible for planning, promoting and conducting synchrotron-related industry applications. You are welcome to contact us to use the advanced technologies.
For more information : www.nsrrc.org.tw/industry
English NameJob ResponsibilitiesEXT.E-mail
Bor-Yuan Shew*
  • Group leader 
  • Promotion and implement of industry-application works. 
  • Resource coordination for industry-application works. 
  • Advanced lithography and microsystem technologies.
Chang-Ting Yang
  • EUV interference lithography, X-ray lithography, synchronous applications of energy semiconductor, promotion and related technology research and development.
Chan-Sheng Wu
  • Conducting, developing and promoting SR tech. for metallic material.
Pin-Jiun Wu
  • Conducting, developing and promoting SR tech. for opto/semiconductor industry.
Shin-An Chen
  • Conducting, developing and promoting SR tech. for energy and Semiconductor
Shi-Wei Chen
  • Conducting, developing and promoting SR tech. for steel/green energy industry.
Yen-Chih Huang
Yi-Hung Lin
*Group Leader