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News Brief covers everything associates with NSRRC.
Research Images Selected for Cover of Prestigious Journals 2018/11/09
First Nature Paper from TPS 2018/10/16
The NSRRC 24th Annual Users’ Meeting & Workshops 2018/10/01
Congratulations to NSRRC Users, Chien-Lung Wang, Yi-Tsu Chan and Yu-Ting Liu for Winning the 2018 Ta-You Wu Memorial Award 2018/10/02
NSRRC User, Dar-Bin Shieh, Assumes His Position as Deputy Minister of MOST 2018/09/06
NSRRC User, Minn-Tsong Lin, Heads Department of Natural Sciences and Sustainable Development of MOST 2018/09/06
In the Press tracks records of news clips on NSRRC.
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Press Release describes activities of scientific research or facility changes.
Find out about the Amazing Aka Adventure at the Taiwan Photon Source 2018/08/18
  NSRRC works hand in hand with the Golden Bell Award winner to successfully blend entertainment with scientific education in an exciting animated film “Aka’s adventure: the secret of light”.
Dino Rib Bones Reveals Remnants of 195-million-year-old Collagen Protein 2017/02/07
Max Planck–NSRRC/NCTU/NTHU Center for Complex Phase Materials to be established in Taiwan by the Max Planck Society 2017/01/04
President Tsai Inaugurated the Dedication Ceremony of Taiwan Photon Source 2016/09/29
  The Ceremony Officially Made the Facility Available to Researchers Worldwide