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Ni3+-Induced Formation of Active NiOOH on the Spinel Ni-Co Oxide Surface for Efficient Oxygen Evolution Reaction [Adv. Energy Mater. 5, 1500091 (2015)]
Observation of Fermi Arc Surface States in a Topological Metal [Science 347, 294 (2015)]
A General Method of Growing Large Area Mesoporous Silica Thin Film on Flat Substrates with Perpendicular Nanochannels [JACS. 5b01180 (2015)]
Structural Insights into DNA Repair by RNase T-An Exonuclease Processing 3' End of Structured DNA in Repair Pathways [PLoS Biol. 12, e1001803 (2014)]
Structural Insights into the Catalytic Mechanism of Human Squalene Synthase [Acta Crystallogr. D 70 , 231 (2014)]